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  1. alanpower

    Check out these short student films

    Hey there everyone. I made these films and just like to know what you think or if you just want to watch them, watch them! I don't mind. Check them all out and enjoy yourself! Here's a link to my Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlanMartinPower
  2. ovenglove

    Composer/Sound Designer looking for projects

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to put together a portfolio/showreel and am seeking projects big and small. I have a a strong musical background, have studied sound design at university and can compose in a variety of styles.I'd be delighted to collaborate on any projects just for the experience...
  3. Daniel Blows

    Daniel Blows - Film Composer

    Hi, I've just joined the site, and wanted to introduce myself and my work. I compose using a range of daws (Cubase/DP8/Pro Tools) on a high powered iMac with good recording equipment and industry standard sample libraries (eg Cinesamples). Examples of my most recent work, which make good...
  4. Johnny McCaffery

    Johnny McCaffery's Parkour Showreel

    Hi guys and girls, Here is my Parkour, Freerunning showreel. Lets see what you think? Thanks, Johnny McCaffery http://www.johnnymccaffery.com
  5. Johnny McCaffery

    Johnny McCaffery's Acting Showreel

    Hi Guys and Girls, Here is a copy of my showreel that we put together. This is the first one I've done and it's a start. Thanks, Johnny McCaffery http://www.johnnymccaffery.com

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