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  1. Sweet Kenny

    Need A Easy Terms Composer For You Project?

    Hi, My name is Ken Sutton ( SweetKenny ), it's nice to meet you. I have over 350 songs recorded and 15+ albums out and I'm sure I have something for your project, or I can compose one or all for you. I have everything from rock to cheesy music, some with vocal, some no vocal. I have funny music...
  2. Sweet Kenny

    Happy To Meet You All

    Hello everyone!, It's nice to meet you all today, my name is Ken Sutton, I'm a composer/songwriter and am looking forward to working with some of you or all of you if you like. if you would like to know more about me you can do so at my website http://www.sweetkenny.com I have attached a "...
  3. Corey Zack

    Composer seeking to expand his portfolio in all types of film

    Hey all. I've recently opened a small production studio in New Jersey and am seeking film to compose soundtracks for. I currently have no reel and need to build my portfolio landing some gigs with my compositions. I can create for any mood or style for your project. Here is an example...
  4. Malici

    Music composer for film

    Hi! My name is Dmitriy Lutinov and im music composer living in Ukraine and specialize in videogames but now expand my portfolio and seeking interests projects. I play violin in orchestra and can make any record for your film. Listen my portfolio here soundcloud.com/malicieux And if you...
  5. Nodus1

    Music for Films

    Musician offers original music for use on film soundtracks. Examples of my recordings can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/acoustic_diary Please email me with any questions.