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star wars

  1. Gladiators: Final Confrontation (Saber Short)

    Gladiators: Final Confrontation (Saber Short)

    Defeated but not destroyed, some time passes before they meet once again. This time it is a duel to the death, no holding back... only destiny will prevail.
  2. Gladiators In Space (Saber Short)

    Gladiators In Space (Saber Short)

    Film was shot over 3 days & was in VFX for about 2 months leading up the event in fall of 2017. Anybody who knows about the HXR would remember it does not have a wide aperture. Unfortunately it was all we had at the time.
  3. PORG - A Comedy Short

    PORG - A Comedy Short

    This film was shot in 5 minutes with no camera man besides myself.
  4. George Streicher

    Pulp-Adventure VFX Short

    This is a fun VFX project I started in July of 2012. It's taken a LONG time to get it done and we're finally uploading it this July. It's basically a VFX reel roughly constructed like a trailer with all that pulpy goodness! (CG airplanes, matte paintings, fight scenes, etc) Thought you guys...
  5. ShawnBu

    Epic Darth Maul Fight with incredible Make-up!

    Hi fellow filmmakers! I like to present to you a cool little Star Wars Fan-Film that we (Vi-Dan Tran & Shawn Bu from T7 Production) made recently. It's a lightsaber duel featuring Darth Maul and a Jedi with incredible make-up, action and amazing music! We would be very happy if you give...

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