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  1. Waiting (2021)

    Waiting (2021)

    A stay at home worker seeks relief from her daily stressors. Directed/Shoot/Edited by Freddie Lee Jones III Starring: Rhyssa K.
  2. B

    Indie neo-folk band seeking filmmaker for music video

    My band is looking for a creative filmmaker to make a music video for a song on our upcoming release. The music is space-out neo-folk: eerie, contemplative songs featuring acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies, with themes of longing, isolation and crossing over. The video should fit with the...
  3. HANDS


    This video was recorded, edited, and published online this year.
  4. I

    Los Angeles Camera Op Wanted

    Hello! I am looking for an intern (non-paid) who is based in the Los Angeles area who is willing to be an as needed camera op for fitness videos, for credit or a letter of recommendation. However, minimum compensation can be discussed. Must be able to travel to Santa Monica and/or Venice...
  5. ovenglove

    Composer/Sound Designer looking for projects

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to put together a portfolio/showreel and am seeking projects big and small. I have a a strong musical background, have studied sound design at university and can compose in a variety of styles.I'd be delighted to collaborate on any projects just for the experience...
  6. Liten Fantasi (Henrik)

    Wheel of Fortune (short)

    Liten Fantasi presents their first short film. Wheel of Fortune presents modern life for the modern man in our modern world. Rising early in the morning we set off for work. The place we spend most of our time, scraping together our earnings while longing for the weekend - party, alcohol, the...
  7. comedygirl14

    L.A. Based crew needed

    Hello everybody, Seeking L.A. based film crew to start shooting in July. This is for a Web series that i am directing and producing. I'm a professional actress as well as a stand up comedian. this is a low budget project, so their is no pay, but their will be credit (IMDB). if this is as...
  8. Marc v/d Meulen

    Need Music For Your Film?

    Hi There, My name is Marc v/d Meulen. I am a dutch music composer looking for projects to score. My music can be found at my website: http://marcvdmeulen.bugs3.com/ Contact details are also on my website, Hope to hear from you!
  9. ALim - Amanda

    New composer looking to compose short films

    Hi, I know I don't have any experience or much training in music but I'd like to try my hands at scoring short films and networking with these directors to possibly hone my skills as a composer. Here are some of the stuff I have done...
  10. P

    Recording Studio Internship

    SOFOREAL Records (San Diego Area) is an up and coming record lable lookin for fulltime interns to head the video production team. We are looking for new talent and will provide a proposal for students looking to receive credit from the work that they do with us. We are only looking for those who...