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Pros: Concept
Cons: Lack of story
This short little exercise has something simple going for it, but the director is trying to make it something it isn't.

First, these types of exercises are great. In my MFA we shoot this stuff 3x a semester. Or like a 24-hour film project. This is something like: shoot a mystery with one character and a can of Coke.

But keep it right sized, this type of short isn't going to make your career, its for practice.

Having said that, this filmmaker has thrown the kitchen sink of "cinematic" tricks at this thing in either an attempt to hide the problems, or they think every movie needs to be the Avengers.

I actually wonder what this is about, because I get alot of plot but no story. Sure I might be the asshole who is trying to think deeply about a little "hook" short film, but isn't that what we should be doing? There are 4-5 minute short films playing is big festivals all over the world because they have a great story. I'd think the director should try to build the film around a story instead of a "hook" or gag.

THE MUSIC. Jeez, is this a Jason Borne film? Cut that shit out. Also the letter boxing, the color correction, the motion graphics? Is does NOTHING for the film. Like literally all it does is say "Hey you over here! Look how cool this soda is! I made this!" Practice is great, but you dont need that shit in here.

Now that I've totally trashed this thing (sorry buddy :) I want to compliment the filmmaker for exploring alternative narratives and structures. I don't see enough experimentation with form and structure. Time and looping are interesting and I hope they will continue to explore new/different (not rehashing old ideas) ideas on how films work.
Pros: The idea
Cons: The music
A nice concept! It reminded me of a more dramatic version of Groundhog Day. It left me wishing that you would have repeated the initial scene more.

The music was probably a bit too overdramatic for my tastes. I think it would have been more effective with something a little more low key.

Was the film shot with letterboxing in mind? A lot of shots felt strangely cropped like it was filmed in full frame

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