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Pros: great dialogue, great voice, great light
Cons: maybe a little too dark.
I really liked the way the camera worked in this short film. For some reason her voice really caught my attention. Her words went deep in my head. I also liked the way you guys worked with the light. Especially in the end, when she blew out the candle.
I really love how you chose to shoot this film! I’ve never seen a short that chose to only use this type of framing and I think it worked really well. A variety of shots might help but in this case I don’t think it’s necessary. Also wondering where the title comes from!
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Thank you so much for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed it! Really appreciate the comment! Thank you!
oh as for the title, 'Lampu' means 'light'. Just a play on the theme of the angels coming. :)

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