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Out Of Depth

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  1. AllInTheEdit
    "Very nice audio"
    Pros - Music, ambience and sound effects were spot on. Can be hard to achieve in a student film
    Cons - Video quality as expected from level and price of camera. The text overlay carried on for too long in one instance on my opinion.
    I really enjoyed this which is rare for such a short film. You established good pacing and all points in the film made coherent sense. Moody lighting was at times very effective and at other times appeared to be more of a hindrance. I must say the music and sounds are excellent and they are edited very well with the video. The only thing I would pick out is that when he gets the text about payment, the message appears on screen for too long, and over too many shots in my opinion, which seems jarring somehow. Can't fully explain what but it doesn't quite seem right.

    Overall excellent film. Well done and keep up the good work.
  2. Pietro Girardi
    "Pretty Good!"
    Pros - Keeped the attention quite high -till the end
    Cons - Some minor mistakes
    Very nice, and caught my attention until the end. A minor sound editing mistake (car cannot run with the starting engine noise) and a noisy image in darkest scenes - maybe some post production to increase image quality would be useful.

    Overall, a very good job!
  3. hari
    "Good Execution"
    Pros - screenplay is good
    Cons - Cinematography and the idea
    The direction and screenplay are very good. But when I finished the film I didn't feel any sort of beginning or ending for this story line. It feels like one scene of a film. you could have chosen a better concept or should have taken more time to give understanding of the characters and their situations.
  4. Ryan Hall
    "Great edit!"
    Pros - The editing
    Cons - The casting and cinematography
    The edit on this was really nice, the pacing was good as were the gun effects. As far as the narrative goes, it's basic, but it works. It kept me hooked, but it feels more like a scene from a longer film rather than a short film in it's own right. We don't really learn anything about the characters or what they are doing.

    In general the footage looks a bit underexposed and noisy.

    I know that this was a Sixth Form project, but I also think that it would have been more engaging if the actors were age appropriate. It's pretty easy to find older actors to work for free through sites like StarNow.

    That being said, nice work in general, keep it up!