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Pros: + Cinematography and the colour pallet
+ Multidimensional storytelling
+ Unnerving soundtrack
Cons: - Unnecessarily long runtime
- Losing the momentum in the middle act
We Need To Know is an interesting short film in many ways.
The film was shot and acted reasonably well. The story itself was pretty misleading at first, but after the situation started to lose it's grip I got some massive Fight Club-like vibes, because of what I already guessed the twist in the end and that's why I knew what would happen in the end of it all. If I wouldn't have known that Fight Club twist, I maybe wouldn't have guessed it and it would have surprised me.
The film does intrigue with the audiences at the beginning and especially in the end, but the middle seemed pretty confusing and blurry overall. I still respect the fact that it got itself back together and raised the momentum for the great finale.
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Thank you for watching and the review! :)

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