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  1. Amanda_Yuchasz

    Looking for roles in short films 18 and under

    I'm 13 and interested in working in your short films! I'm easy to work with, I work in the Michigan area Anywhere else will need to be payed transportation, email me for more info or if you are interested in working with me! Name- Amanda Age- 13 Height-4/11 Characteristics- Dirty blond, blue...
  2. Austin Briggs

    Looking For Actors and Actresses in the Denver Metro Area

    Hey everyone, As you all know, finding proper actors and actresses for student and independent films can be difficult. So, I decided to post on here to see if anybody was interested. I have been working on a short film for about a year now and am increasingly ready to move the project to the...
  3. P


  4. tillybo

    I am looking to get involved in a student film contact me

    Hello everyone This year I graduate its all very exciting..... I will be graduating as a professional actress,dancer and singer and want to get some more experience behind the camera before I apply for tv work. I am really keen in being involved in some student films. I am based in...
  5. K

    Seeking African American Male and Female for Short Film

    I'm an aspiring filmmaker and I'm interested in shooting an idea that I have. It'll be a short visual, about a minute and a half. One female and one male between the ages of 22-26. I'm aiming to shoot within the next two weeks and it'll be an evening shoot. If you're interested or know anyone...
  6. Marco Luca

    Cockatoo | A man hires a young actress to play his ex-girlfriend

    A man with a broken heart tries to relive his failed relationship by hiring a young actress to play his ex-girlfriend. If only she could get the accent right… Cockatoo is a clever short film with a sincere balance laughter and drama. The film is about Michael, a lonely 40-something male who...
  7. AmbitiousYF

    Ambitious Actress

    Hey Wicked People, I'm an ambitious Actress that has a love affair with film. I enjoy the stage but Film is therapy, so naturally, I'm in love it. Just wanted to say hello to all the filmmakers, writers, directors on here that continues to go after their passions. Without you, this actor is...
  8. M

    Teen actress wanted for Thriller short film in San Jose, CA

    We are looking for a girl between the ages of 16 and 18 to play the main character's (Sarah Brooks) best friend (Taylor) in The Anniversary, a short film sequel to The Admirer, about a girl that faces a crazed stalker on the night of Valentine's Day, who leaves chilling post-it notes and threats...

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