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  1. On the Brink Music&Sound

    Hello! I am a Composer/Sound Designer offering free film scoring and sound design.

    I am a 4th year student at AAU in San Francisco, CA. Currently working towards a BFA in Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media. I am looking for films in need of original scores and/or sound design. I am open to pretty much any genre of film, and can write in any style of music...
  2. B

    Sound Designer for my webseries pilot

    Hello, I'm working on the pilot episode of my Comedy Webseries: https://www.facebook.com/DoubleTroubleSeries I already found a composer to do the music but now I need someone who can sweeten the audio, create foley sounds, sfx and build the soundscape. I don't really have a budget for...
  3. springverb

    [Offered] Composer and Sound Designer

    Greetings , My name is Nishant Pawar and i am a Composer and Sound Designer. I'd like to contribute to your film projects. You can check my demos on my website and i can provide a custom demo track based on your requirements. I have been working on 3 CG films as a composer and a few...