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black and white

  1. Faire du velo sur les sentiers de la Nature (Biking the Nature Trails)

    Faire du velo sur les sentiers de la Nature (Biking the Nature Trails)

  2. Blue Whale

    Blue Whale

    This short film is not in English so you need to open the subtitles. Made from high school students, so don't expect professional work.
  3. Rapid Eye Movement

    Rapid Eye Movement

  4. Working Title

    Working Title

    Directed By Cormac Moore Written By Cormac Moore Produced by Dermot Boyle DOP Matthew De Barra
  5. Static


    Fresh Film Senior Finalist 2016 - 'Static' directed by Alan Power. A girl finds a mysterious notebook while taking her dog for a walk.
  6. Jess

    First short (very) film - French New Wave style... feedback please?

    Studying French New Wave in class inspired my friends and I to make our own 5 minute short in a French New Wave style, I would love some feedback in possible!
  7. joseph.eckworth

    The Autumnkind - Trial and Error. Kafka/Noir inspired music video. please rate!

    Hey everyone! Heres a music video that I shot and edited on a minimal budget (the only expense was props) for The Autumnkind. It was shot entirely in my home. I shot it with my canon 550D (t2i) and edited/graded on FCP 7 Please let me know what you think! Thanks!