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british short film

  1. Out for Dinner

    Out for Dinner

    About two hikers who come across a man who who gains their trust for his own intentions.... Fancy doing a review on IMDB? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5104420/?... Massive thanks to all the Cast and Crew!! CAST/CREW Colin Titley - Warren Ahron Herbert - Jessie Henry Drumm - Brock Crew Directed...
  2. L

    CHIMERA - JUNE 2014 - Rode Reel Competition

    Hello! I'm luca Infante, I'm a young film maker on the coastline of sunny bournemouth. I make short films and this is one I did with my cinematographer for the Rode reel competition. It's about being your own worst enemy! Really hope you guys enjoy it, would definitely appreciate any thoughts...

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