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composer for game

  1. Ioana Selaru

    Original music for projects

    Hello everyone, I am a music composer and violinist based in Leeds, UK. I have been studying music since I was 7. I had continuously expanded my musical boundaries by exploring multiple artistic fields. My works often contain unusual combinations of instruments and sounds with the purpose of...
  2. berkaypehlevan

    Hello... I can Compose Music for your Short Movies - Commercials

    I'm Berkay Pehlevan a.k.a Bazen Ucmak Isterim I'm making music for years I can Compose Music for your Short Movies - Commercials Here is my youtube channel and linkedin profile... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKxqMUYK1Bbw5MZASNCfNRw https://www.linkedin.com/in/berkay-pehlevan-183a4a179/
  3. Viktor

    Music Composer looking for new friendships :)

    Hello all !! My name is Viktor and im from Macedonia. I'm film/TV/game music composer, with small studio based in my home :) I compose in FL Studio using Kontakt with variety of instruments most of them orchestral. My main instrument is guitar, piano and cello. Some of my work can be heard on my...
  4. Daniel Mauck

    Experienced composer looking for a project

    I'd be happy to compose for your film. I will work on most shorts for free. Here are links to my demo reel, my web page, and my IMDb page.
  5. Hazel Turnbull

    Hazel Turnbull - Composer

    Hey there, I'm Hazel and I'm new here. I write music for films, TV, video games...you name it! I'm currently working on the soundtrack for Shakespeare's Landlord (www.lilybard.com) and I recently finished up on the poignant short film Seeing Glory, directed by Rick Hamilton. I'm always on...
  6. Erik V. Navarro

    A new composer for all your FilmMaking Needs!

    Hello everyone, my name is Erik V. Navarro and i am a Musical Composer. I am currently 18, living in mexico and studying musical composition in the University of Guanajuato. I have given a total of 50 concerts in Mexico at diferent locations such as the Palace of Bellas Artes, The castle of...
  7. Benedict Harris

    COMPOSER -professional

    Hi, spent many years meeting deadlines with music for corporate clients for advertising etc now decided to start doing more short films to expand non-corporate work check out my site www.benedictmusic.eu cheers Ben
  8. Alun Taylor

    Royalty Free Music - New Composer.

    Hi all, I'm trying to put together a demo show reel and would be interested in offering free music in exchange for use of your film as part of my show reel. My website is still taking shape so it's a little rough and ready at present but there's a wide selection of styles and far too many...
  9. S

    Experienced Composers for Hire (Orchestral, Action, Hybrid, Ambient, Emotional & Powerful Music etc)

    Hi, We are a London based music production house that can provide a suitable sound/cue for your new project. by bringing a dynamic and unique style in which we aim to provide you with the perfect music. Our genres consist of epic orchestral, action, hybrid, ambient, emotional, powerful etc...
  10. Voyna

    Composer looking for a work

    Hello, I can compose any type of music : Please check my previous work :
  11. Frank J Gonzales

    Need a dynamic composer!?

    BIO Frank J Gonzales, aka Frankie Soundz, is a music producer, composer, and sound designer for visual media. His skills consist of composing music(MX), sound design (SFX), audio editing, orchestration, automatic dialog replacement (ADR), foley (FX), recording audio, voice acting, acting...
  12. Vanessa Fitchett


    I'm a film and games composer from the UK. I have scored a couple of short student films before, one was a collaboration the other I wrote the full soundtrack. I have also scored a couple of theatre productions as well. I mainly compose orchestral music, however I do love incorporating sound...
  13. Tom Hyde

    Hey guys! I'm a composer looking for work!

    I'm studying film music at university, hence my interest in composing for a variety of different projects. I'm also interested in doing some voice acting for animation, plus some actual acting, though that's only if the project is fairly local to my area! I hope to hear from some of you film...
  14. InternalEyeMusic

    Composer Introduction

    Hello wonderful people, I just wanted to introduce my self and my work to you all. I'm a composer with a strong inclination to Ambient | Downtempo | ChillOut | World music styles. I'd be more than happy to lend my skills to your next project. Look forward to interacting with this community...
  15. John Theodore

    You're awesome!...and so is your film...now let's put some music to it!

    Hey there! If you're looking for professional, high quality music for your project...look no farther! I've spent time working with some of the best composers in the world, I know how vital music can be to help telling a story, and I'm here to help you complete your vision. From low-budget to...
  16. Sean O'Hanlon

    **Versatile composer looking for new project***

    Hi, I am a versatile composer looking for a new project to work on. I am looking to compose for short films and videos, students films, games or any other creative projects. You can listen to my latest work, the soundtrack for a game, Asundr : Examples of my other work can be found on my...
  17. Daniel B

    Composer for your film...

    Hello ! i'm Daniel, a guitarist composer looking for working with interesting projects... I can do orchestral, electro, pop, and i'm a big fan of jazz & gypsy jazz... for film, short, game etc ! just have a listen at my work: http://www.danielbeja.fr and my last score is here: contact me...
  18. Giacomo Rita

    Just another composer. Maybe a good one. :p

    Hi! I'm another film and game music composer based in Italy and I'm looking for new projects to work on. I don't work for free, but we could have a deal on a low paid basis. Check out my website and contact me if you are interested!: http://www.giacomorita.com/en (for the videos that require a...
  19. James Redelinghuys

    Composer looking for experience

    I'm a composition student currently studying at Cambridge University. I would love to work with a fellow student (or anyone really), and would be happy to work for free! I can compose in a wide range of styles, but specialise in a orchestral/quasi-classical style. Here is my most recent film...
  20. MatthewVanDriel

    Hey! New composer here!

    Hello! My name is Matthew Van Driel, from Canada. I just joined this forum, and would love to help you out on your project! It is my job to help you best achieve your vision of your film through music. I have scored numerous films and other media in the past, as well as composed many pieces for...