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  1. shorescripts

    2020 Short Film Fund 2 - Regular Deadline Sept 30th

    ENTER TODAY & GET PRODUCED! Two writers/filmmakers will have their short scripts financed and produced with budgets of: # Grand Prize - A Production Grant of $15K Cash. # 2nd Prize - A Production Grant of $10K Cash. DON'T MISS OUT | ENTER YOUR SCRIPT...
  2. shorescripts

    Our Short Film Fund is returning soon!

    Due to the success of the writers and commissioned films that have come through our fund since we started it in 2016, we have decided to run two short film funds this year. SFF2 will launch on July 15th and will run through until our Final Deadline of Oct 31st. Our winners will be announced on...
  3. shorescripts

    2019 Short Film Fund Winners & Top 5 Finalists!

    We are honored to ANNOUNCE 2019's SHORT FILM FUND WINNERS & our TOP 5 Finalists. https://www.shorescripts.com/2019_shortfilmfundwinner/ A YOUNG MAN's GAME, written by James Gould-Bourn and to be directed by Emmy Winner Ben Tricklebank, has been awarded $10,000. MISS FORTUNATE, written by...
  4. alanpower

    Check out these short student films

    Hey there everyone. I made these films and just like to know what you think or if you just want to watch them, watch them! I don't mind. Check them all out and enjoy yourself! Here's a link to my Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlanMartinPower
  5. artsnfilm.com

    All Film Students should join this site

    Are you a film student looking to network with students that share the same passion for the creative arts as you, then join artsnfilm.com for free.
  6. Daniel Llamas

    Hey.... well I love Filmmaking so......

    So my name is Daniel! I'm from WA state but currently living in Cali where I'm currently studying Media & Communication at Christian Life College. I love directing and writing (occasionally I'll act) and hoping to spread my wings and share good quality films while continuing to learn about this...
  7. furiousracer313

    Short Film to Feature

    I have a few questions about an upcoming short film I am directing. 1. If adapted into a feature, will I be the director or will the studio assign one? 2. The story is mine, but I am not writing the screenplay for this short. Since the rights to this script belong to me and not the...
  8. B

    Directing Motion

    website: http://www.mzed.com/products/vincent-laforet-s-directing-motion-grand-slam-bundle One of the most important skills modern directors and DP’s are required to master is moving the camera in a dynamic and engaging way. This workshop will teach all levels of filmmakers the precise...
  9. D4Darious

    How to direct non-actors and first-time actors

    Here are a few tips on directing first time actors.
  10. K

    Film Making Workshop

    Hello! We’re hosting the Directing Motion tour with Vincent Laforet coming to 32 cities and would love to get you guys involved- please see the website here: www.DirectingMotion.com . We’d like to offer your members a discounted rate for attendance. as well! When checking out, just put in code...
  11. Film Strategy

    A Director Prepares... the ultimate 15 point checklist for directors

    A Director Prepares... the ultimate 15 point checklist for directors shooting shorts, features, documentaries, music videos, live events, commercials, etc... ---------------------------- for more visit www.filmstrategy.com and "like" www.facebook.com/filmstrategy

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