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  1. teleportas


  2. Jeremiah Turner

    Greetings fellow DREAMERS!

    So I just finished my degree and completed my first full scale short film and stumbled upon this amazing site! The first couple films I saw made me want to start writing another film! You all are AWESOME! So honored to be apart of this community of creators! Oh yeah, so here's my short film...
  3. ShawnBu

    "Monsters" fantasy themed music video

    Hi, my fellow students and me created this music video for the Swedish Band "Monde Yeux". The video was conceived like a short film and doesn't feature the band at all. We follow three persons whose surroundings slowly transform into dreamlike worlds. Here each of them encounters a...
  4. B


    Michael. A short horror sequence on a long term serial killer, who not only kills his female victims but preserves their bodies in an underground tomb, he is caught and questioned when a lady noticed his unconscious body and heard noises from a nearby room. I have moved away from the script in...

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