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dystopian drama

  1. teleportas


  2. DelucidusDeliritas

    Contagion - Dystopian Romance (Thriller?)

    Hey, So, this is another exam project I did for my college. We had about 12 hours to film, and 4 days for editing, visual effects, sound, music and grade. So it was a bit crazy. :) But a lot of fun. The film isn't the best short film out there. But, as a crew, we were content with what it came...
  3. B

    Dystopian drama

    Hello everyone! I would really love any constructive critisism and feedback technically and as an audience member about my film, the film is 10 minutes long, and the survey is from 1-5 minutes long to complete! I will also repay the favour if anyone needs anything?! Below is a survey, but...

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