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  1. RubberMuscle

    Electronic (Ambient/Soundscape/SynthPop) Music Composer Looking To Score Your Visual Project

    Hi all, I've got some projects to work towards for my course in Sound Design/Electronic Composition. I am currently available and keen to contribute the sound/music to any film/animation/shorts projects you might have in mind. I'm based in Scotland. The likes of Disasterpeace, Ryuichi...
  2. Devon Robbins

    Looking for a tense/dramatic project to put an analog synth score to.

    Hey everyone. I'm an electronic musician making music under the name finale. If you are looking for a score similar to that in The Social Network, or any of the films that Reznor/Ross have worked on, I might be your guy. I love doing sound design with analog synthesizers. I recently released an...
  3. Andi Rock

    Multi-Genre Composer Looking For Projects - Royalty Free Music Available

    I play Piano / Keyboars / Guitar / Bass Guitar and work in a variety of styles including Orchestral, Electronic, Rock, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, and more. I have royalty free non-exclusive music available at https://www.pond5.com/artist/andirockmusic and am also available for custom jobs...
  4. Wills205

    Offering free music in for a free video. Dark brooding soundtrack piece.

    Hi I make music under the name of 'BLOCK'. I am from the UK. The general inspiration behind the music is film soundtracks, and usually quite dark sounding. I would be very much interested to in seeing to result of one of my tracks used in a film. If a student film maker is in need of some music...
  5. TinyNoyz

    Composer: Digital Hyper-Electronic Sound

    From noise-aggression to medatative ambience, my personality manifests itself in my compositions through neo-digital technqiues, experimental structures, 'larger-than-life' orchestration, and seductive harmony. Artists such as Trent Reznor, Amon Tobin, Squarepusher, Aphex, Autechre, Bonobo etc...
  6. Tristan de Liege

    Composer based in Southern California

    Hi, I'm a composer of electronic music (often using instruments and organic samples) in southern California. I've been mostly working on solo and collaborative projects for my own enjoyment, most of which can be found at stratusmusic.bandcamp.com or www.soundcloud.com/stratusmusic. I'm...
  7. Alex Rhodes

    I am a composer, looking for a job!

    Hello, my name is Alex Rhodes. I am currently studying at the University of Arizona in the music school, and would love a job and some more experience composing for student films. Here is a link to my most recent work: https://alexrhodesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/stars-to-everywhere I...
  8. william davenport

    Successful Film Composer With Experience.

    A successful Film Composer who is extremely flexible in creating the sound needed for any form of production; using a combination of electronic and acoustic elements. Any further interest? Please Email me at: willdavenport.music@gmail.com Youtube...
  9. RF Cinematic Music

    High Quality Royalty Free Cinematic Music Available! Only £1 Per Track!

  10. H

    Looking for an energetic soundtrack?

    Hi guys, I'm an independent artist making mostly energetic electronic music (almost exclusively instrumental). If you are in need of a soundtrack in that kind of direction I would like to invite you to check out some of my stuff on soundcloud: https//www.soundcloud.com/creo You can use any...
  11. Andrew Payn

    Caverns - RFM

    A warming atmosphere is generated by this track from Hook, check it out now for instant gratification! ➤ Download: ➤ For more music and cool stuff, visit our website: http://www.notetones.com ➤ Subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on SoundCloud...
  12. Andrew Payn

    Cosmic (Radio Edit)

    Hello there, Summer is over, it's all gone so we're waving goodbye the best way we know how, with a brilliant premium track from Fadewave, royalty free and yours for free, or the extended version for just 99p!
  13. gawrsh

    Looking for composer for Animated Student Film (80s feel)

    Hey everyone! Me and my other 2 senior film thesis teammates are looking for a composer and sound designer for our animated film. Our film is set in the 80s and centers around a boy who enters a dance contest with the help of his best friend (think Flashdance, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Back...
  14. Alex_rich

    Dubstep Planet Anthem [Paid]

    Alex_rich submitted a new resource: Dubstep Planet Anthem (version 1) - Energetic and exciting dubstep audio Read more about this resource...
  15. Scott Hampton

    Versatile and Creative Freelance Composer Looking for New Projects

    I am a full-time freelance composer looking to take on some new projects. I have had music placed in a bunch of network and cable shows- NBC, ABC, The Food Network, Bravo, HGTV, Travel Channel, MTV, DIY Network and TV Land among others. I have been making music for over 20 years and I can...
  16. Aturax

    Composer offering free music (Creative Commons)

    Hi all, I've registered on this site with the intention of helping my music reach a wider audience, whether that be through film, games, etc... Take a listen to some of my music, all I ask is that you credit me where credit is due :) More of my latest compositions can be found here. If...
  17. T

    Looking to score just about anything

    We are two composers/songwriters with combined 15+ years experience in music, and the composition of music in multiple genres. Based on our experience we are versatile in orchestral, industrial, folk, and heavy metal, as well other genres. We can fulfill the need of many different types of...
  18. T

    Hi, I'm an ambient producer with some free music to use