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  1. ErnestineSchillings

    Right Way to Deliver Message to Teens With a Film?

    Hello! I am going to make a short film, or you can call it a documentary with my small team about the use of social media. Actually, the concept of the film revolves around how social media is influencing the lives of teens. And how they are treating their parents in this influence. In...
  2. Estranged


    “Estranged” focuses on the relationship between a loving father and a caring son - how the two have grown apart with age, despite being the closest people they have to each other. It explores the unspoken love between the two and the compromises they make for each other. Behind the scenes...
  3. Caryn C

    Casting Call!

    We're looking for three lead actors in Toronto or surrounding for a short film shooting September 2-5. The shoot will take place in Whitby, food and travel will be accommodated. The film is about two siblings who come across a stranger while hosting their mothers funeral. Characters below...
  4. Evan Galeano

    Acceptance (Family Drama about Mental Illness)

    This is my first post on this site so I'll use it to introduce myself. My name is Evan Galeano, I just graduated from John Burroughs High School yesterday. I took film the film production class there which sparked my interest in the art of cinema. I will be attending San Diego State University...
  5. Adith.U.S

    Will, You be me