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feature film

  1. CivilRob

    New Filmmaker - Open Letter

    Dear everyone, Instead of graduating last semester, I decided to make a feature film. I realized taking on the challenge would effect my performance in school but I also knew if I didn't give this film all of my attention it would suffer. That seemed more tragic to me then the thought...
  2. Riley Amber

    Actors/Actresses Needed For Festival Movie Near Charlottesville, VA

    This project is unpaid. We have an extremely low budget, and it's possibly going to a festival if we do well. We need people in their teens. Please email: SophrosyneBourne@Gmail.comif you are in the area and are interested.
  3. L

    Assistants needed for Growing Production Company

    Attention movie-lovers and students of film: Get experience working on a feature film! Small LA-based production company is finishing post-production on a feature film and beginning pre-production on their next feature project, and they need assistants to animators, directors, and producers. We...
  4. V

    SUPER Micro-Budget Feature Seeking Director & DP (students welcomed)

    Producer ("The Painter" - selected for 2 film festivals) and VFX Artist ("The Walking Dead", "Dracula", "Hercules", "Guardians of the Galaxy", etc) for a super micro-budget feature film, seeking for PASSIONATE and NEW feature director and DP who wants to gain feature experience. Requirements...
  5. T

    Composer Looking for High Quality projects to work on

    British- based composer looking for some exciting and high quality projects to get involved in. My work has appeared on UK primetime TV, BIFA nominated 'Sleeping Dogs' Film Trailer, Feature 'The Best Years' Starring Martin Kemp and NYCIFF participant Kick About. For full showreel go to...