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film and game scoring

  1. Student Film Composer: Collaborations Portfolio

    Student Film Composer: Collaborations Portfolio

    Hi All I'm a UK-based student composer writing here about my portfolio of film composing and theatre-based experience. I write in a wide variety of styles and try to keep a busy schedule of a range of features to work on. Please have a read, have a listen and message me if you're interested in...
  2. Jacob Jae Hyuk Jang

    Film composer from Berklee College of Music

    Hi everyone, If you are looking for a composer for your film/TV/video game, I am here to collaborate with your project. Please don't hesitate to send me an email if you have any question. jjang6@berklee.edu
  3. Erik V. Navarro

    A new composer for all your FilmMaking Needs!

    Hello everyone, my name is Erik V. Navarro and i am a Musical Composer. I am currently 18, living in mexico and studying musical composition in the University of Guanajuato. I have given a total of 50 concerts in Mexico at diferent locations such as the Palace of Bellas Artes, The castle of...
  4. H

    seeking a short film or anime to compose, will do for 'free'

    Hi, my name is Howard.. I'm a producer, looking for a client to collaborate with on a project for my course(student) either post production or along with the production phase. I am looking for a role in a film project that requires the input of either one of the following roles: audio engineer...
  5. Anton Arenko

    Looking for a Composer to Score Short Thriller Film

    Hey guys Im looking for a composer to score my Short Thriller/Horror film One in the Same which is about a mans growing obsession with a local murderer and until begins to consume him. Its is still filming but it is currently being edited as we film with editing being fully completed at around...
  6. George Cole

    Composer and Sound designer for Hire

    I am a composer and sound designer currently looking for game/film/video makers to work with. I am able to produce Musical cues, Sound effects, Musical themes, backing tracks and dialogue, but whatever you need don't hesitate to contact me I have some experience in audio for visual media...
  7. Adeline

    Grand Feeling Film Music Composer and Producer Available

    Hello students filmmakers, I'm a indie songwriter, music composer and producer. I'm looking for reasonable paid projects also. Feel free to preview and listen to my original "grand feeling" music instrumentals. Currently, I have just finished two background music instrumentals. Music Title...
  8. Aaron Ramsey Music

    Your new film score recorded by an ORCHESTRA at AIR STUDIOS in LONDON for FREE!!

    I am a film scoring Master’s student at Berklee College of Music in Valencia (Spain). I am looking for a short film (4-5 mins.) to score for my final project, which will be performed by professional musicians in London at Air Studios in May 2014. What: My original score, played by a...
  9. JdavisComposer

    Film Composer offering project scoring for your film!

    I have many credits from past works and can yield finished music very quickly due to home studio and up to date tools as well as the capability of mixing and mastering if necessary. Not all works of mine are posted online at the moment but still feel free to have a look at some projects below...
  10. Rik Sa

    Original Music, Orchestral Scoring and/ or Sequencing, Sound Design , Mixing

    Experienced Composer /Orchestrator, Sound Engineer /Sound Designer looking for projects. Demo/Contact

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