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  1. Scratches: A Micro Horror

    Scratches: A Micro Horror

  2. Potty Break (2019)

    Potty Break (2019)

  3. Aaliyah Chapman

    Looking For Crew In CHICAGO

    Looking for a producer, DP, production designer, grip and gaffer for an awareness piece on Bipolar. I attended the Cannes Film Festival this year for an internship and met a lot of students who had films in the Short Film Corner, so that is my goal with this film. Contact me for more information.
  4. killjon

    Chapman University Graduate Cycle Film - G&E Needed!

    I'm a 1st year cinematography graduate student at Chapman and we'll be shooting a Cycle film out in the Northern parts of LA. We're in desperate need of a grip and gaffer for this project.. It's a very simple lighting setup and would be great for anyone interested in experiencing a Chapman...
  5. R

    Webseries shooting in September in LA looking for crew

    Hey there! I'm producing a webseries that I wrote my writing partner that's set to go into production this September. This is an unpaid gig to start off but if the series makes money you will be paid. It's a great opportunity for students looking to fill their resume and people looking to gain...
  6. F

    Combination Gaffer(Lighting)/Grip Needed for 20-day Run&Gun/Guerrilla feature film in LA late July

    We are looking for a talented lighting/grip professional on our 20-day Run&Gun/Guerrilla feature film shoot, in LA starting late July, to work closely with the director/DP on our next upcoming feature film. This film will be listed on IMDb and sold worldwide. It is a non-union production and...