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  1. Zhukov


  2. Religion is a Drug

    Religion is a Drug

    My film teacher set a task for us to make short film noir in four days. This is what I came out with and I looked at experimenting with tracking. Massive thanks to everyone involved. Cast/Crew Dumiso Ndhlela as Leon Dave Taylor as The Vicar. Director - Anton Arenko Production Manager - Beth...
  3. I

    Awakening - An action short film

    Hi everyone. Recently, I and my friends had made an action short film named "Awakening". We would love to know what do you think about it ? Please comment and give us some advice so we can make improvement in our next works. Sorry for my bad language ! Best regard. Here is the link Thanks...
  4. M


    This is the story of a man who wishes to get to the other side of the bridge to college a rare and elegant flower to add to his marvellous collection! However, bandits who have taken over the bridge refuse to let him pass, which means this young hero must get to the other side by whatever means...
  5. M

    "Untitled" Action Clip from Germany

    Hey guys ^^ Watch my little short film on youtube and pls comment and dont expect too much, cause it goes just 3:40 min ;)
  6. B

    GFM: Double Crossed - Short Film

    GFM: Double Crossed is the next installment in The Golden Fez Monkey Saga. Watch it over on McSteed TV and subscribe to keep up to date with Weekly episodic uploads. Click to Tweet http://clicktotweet.com/R7v_e discuss on Reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/Shortfilms/co... Written and...
  7. Teaje

    Frozen Vengeance [2:30]

    Frozen Vengeance UK / 2013 A rivalry has reached a bitter end in a frozen field, a weather condition that our characters are not too familiar with. Written and planned in a day and filmed the next, we wanted to take advantage of the snow that had cloaked the country before it melted away. A...