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horror film

  1. Let Me Come In

    Let Me Come In

  2. SAPU






  5. SMS - Horror Short Film

    SMS - Horror Short Film



    A Malaysian horror short film.
  7. The Mirage

    The Mirage

  8. bami2915

    Hello from a fellow filmmaker

    Hello friends, Hope you're doing well. I joined this forum to learn and share filmmaking techniques. Here is my latest effort in suspense/horror genre. Hope you like it. Any feedback would be appreciate. Thank you!
  9. bami2915

    Need feedback

    Hello friends, I made this short film and would like a feedback on what can be improved upon? Would appreciate your feedback please. Thank you.
  10. KaylaK

    Kickstarter for Student Horror Film based on Urban Legends

    Hi everyone! My name is Kayla and I'm directing a horror film for my university's on-campus student-run production studio. It's called This is Where You Die and is the story of a man searching for his missing wife and he ends ups stumbling upon a town of nightmares. It is based on urban...
  11. Manuel F.

    If you need an epic/drama/horror etc. soundtrack for you trailer/film

    I compose every type/genre of music: theme song, soundtrack for drama/horror/action film, ambient music for documentary or videogames. I'm looking for new professional experiences, feel free to contact me. Soundcloude profile:
  12. AlexaSvilkic

    RamaCHau - Horror Story

    We were chilling and decided to make a short movie, we vreated a story as we were filming it , shoot all the scenes in 2 hours, and edited it in about 5hours. It may be a little boring in the begging so you can skip till 1.30min Hpe you like it
  13. Ruan Lotter

    ELISE: Horror Short Film

    Elise is a very short horror film that we shot during halloween! Enjoy!!
  14. glasspixelstudios

    SAMURAI DEAD -- a zombie short film

    Check out our new zombie webseries: "SAMURAI DEAD" Inspired by WALKING DEAD, MAD MAX, and TWILIGHT SAMURAI, my filmmaking buddies and I decided to shoot our first zombie movie. We shot everything with a Canon Rebel T4i + 18-135mm STM lens, a four-man crew, and no $$$. Hope you enjoy our...