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music composition

  1. Keelan Ashley

    Music Composer Looking For Work

    My name is Keelan Ashley, I am a Live/Studio Audio Engineer and Music Composer based out of Denver CO. I have scored for a few Indie video games, and am working on the score for an animated film. I would love to write for more projects and get to work with exceptional artists. Please reach out...
  2. S

    COMPOSER NEEDED - 3 Minute Soundtrack for a Stop Motion Animation

    Hello, I am a final year animation student in the UK. I am making a 3 minute stop motion animation called Ape Escape about the friendship between a young circus escapee orangutan called Ami and an old female marine conservationist named Marina who lives in the middle of the ocean. I will be...
  3. George Cole

    Composer and Sound designer for Hire

    I am a composer and sound designer currently looking for game/film/video makers to work with. I am able to produce Musical cues, Sound effects, Musical themes, backing tracks and dialogue, but whatever you need don't hesitate to contact me I have some experience in audio for visual media...
  4. John Theodore

    You're awesome!...and so is your film...now let's put some music to it!

    Hey there! If you're looking for professional, high quality music for your project...look no farther! I've spent time working with some of the best composers in the world, I know how vital music can be to help telling a story, and I'm here to help you complete your vision. From low-budget to...
  5. Falanca

    Composer for your project

    I am a musician from Istanbul, composing different types of music for video games and movies. I play the piano, the guitar and baglama. Educated in Modern Music Academy in Istanbul. Being on every stage of music industry since 2004, i played keyboard in a lot of rock band, composed music for tv...
  6. D

    Space Western needs Music!

    THE PROJECT Hey there, My name is Daniel, and in a little less than a week I will be shooting a short Space Western for my advanced directing class. I feel very strongly about having an original score, and I am looking for a composer. Sadly, I have basically no money and would not be able to...
  7. jamesbcannell

    Composers & Sound Designers for hire

    We specialise in score composition and sound design, with professional and affordable results available to suit all budgets. If you need a piece of music, we would be more than happy to send you a quote based on your individual requirements. We design and sculpt musical notes to give our...
  8. Alexander Taylor

    Composer seeking filmmakers and projects

    Hello all, I'm Alex Taylor, a composer based out of Los Angeles. I currently write music for the co-creator of the Rugrats, Wild Thornberries, Rocket Power, and Ahh Real Monsters. I'm a relatively fresh yet experienced film composer, having scored many independent and thesis films, cartoons, web...
  9. Petter Strom

    Peter P - Music Producer

    Hi there.... I am a norwegian music producer looking for projects where I can have my music included. Please check out my profile at AudioJungle where I have a wide variety of available tracks. My portfolio is expanding on a daily basis so be sure to check in regularly for new music for your...
  10. Mitchell Gibbs

    Mitchell Gibbs - Experienced Composer for Media

    Hi everyone! My names Mitchell, and I specialise in bespoke composition for film, television, video games and any other form of media in fact. I'm here today looking for potential collaborations and projects that you may need musical assistance with. I can compose in a range of different styles...

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