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new york city

  1. Take Me Out

    Take Me Out

  2. Thlípsi


    A man who is paranoid and deluded by his own conspiracies that someone out there is after him must come to terms with the root of his suffering. ------------- We shot this film back in February of 2018 and to our surprise, the film turned out to be more influential to us than I would have...
  3. filmandtvmua

    New York City Make-Up Artist!

    Hey everyone! My name is Alanis and i'm a NYC based Make-up artist I recently graduated from a makeup school and have found that one of my favorite makeup applications to do are for film and television so if any of you guys are in the area and are looking for a special effects makeup artist or...
  4. Rebecca Prucha

    NYC Based Film Festival Volunteers Needed!

    The 2016 All American High School Film Festival is in need of volunteers! Looking for a way to network with film industry insiders, build your resume, and be a part of the future of film? AAHSFF is now seeking volunteers for the 2016 festival. The film festival will take place in the heart of...
  5. Fair and Square Max

    Fair and Square Max

    "Fair and Square Max" was my first year mid-semester short film project for the Columbia University Film Directing MFA Program.
  6. AmbitiousYF

    Ambitious Actress

    Hey Wicked People, I'm an ambitious Actress that has a love affair with film. I enjoy the stage but Film is therapy, so naturally, I'm in love it. Just wanted to say hello to all the filmmakers, writers, directors on here that continues to go after their passions. Without you, this actor is...
  7. J

    special effects makeup artist

    hi, i'm jaime and i'm a special effects makeup artist that is mostly self taught i have taken makeup classes at nyu and last looks makeup academy. looking for work on student films for low pay and i am willing to work for free to get started. i live on long island and can commute to new york...