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  1. HEFletcher

    Another new composer looking for first film scoring project

    Hello, my name is Howard Fletcher. I have been privately tutored in music for 16 years and have been actively composing for the past 3-4 years. Recently I decided that I wanted to take my composing one step further and try to share my music with the world, so since a few weeks ago, I have been...
  2. CinematicAudio

    CinematicAudio - composer looking for projects!

    Hi everyone! I'm Jan Lach aka CinematicAudio. I’m a young composer from Poland. My work is primarily very climatic film music, epic action cue’s for trailers and lovely, romantic pieces best for love-genre movies. I’m using the most professional libaries available on the market and real...
  3. Yuri-F

    Cinematic Music

    Hello everyone, my name's Yuri and I'm a composer. If you are looking for someone willing to create a soundtrack, you found it. I can make just no one genre, and I always try to be original. I'd like to leave you my channel in which it's possible to hear my works...
  4. C

    Need a Composer?

    Hello, I was studying film scoring at UCLA extension, and just graduated. Before starting film scoring certificate, my major was classical piano performance. Thanks to this musical background, I have many advantages about piano pieces, especially semi-classical and orchestral works. Here is my...
  5. Kiran Dhoot

    Love music for films? Look no further!

    Hi there! My passion lies in composing music for film. I have scored multiple short films. The first film I scored, O Jardim de Sinis was screened in the Prince Charles Theatre, London, having been shortlisted in the top 10 One Shot movies of 2014. From then on, I have been approached multiple...
  6. Jesse Walton

    Experienced Composer

    Hey! Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Jesse Walton and I am a 22 year old composer from Lewes, near Brighton (UK). I have studied music for my whole life, and consider myself to be sound in all areas. I am extremely easy to work with and I am always willing to take constructive...
  7. joclemons21

    Hello film makers!

    I'm a composer looking to take your film to the next level with original music tailored to exceed your expectations. With over 6 years of experience, I have collaborated with professionals, students, and hobbyist from all over the world. I take pride in quality work and excellent communication...
  8. Anna Papadimitriou

    Experienced, easy to work with music composer looking for film makers!

    Hello wonderful film makers! I'm a British-Greek music composer interested in finding film makers to work with! Please check out my website for samples of my music: www.annapapadimitriou.info Let me know if you're interested! Cheers, Anna
  9. Brendan Cochran

    Scenic Film Composer Available

    Hey everyone! My name is Brendan Cochran and I am a film composer studying currently at Berklee College Of Music. I have written music for student clips in the past, so I have experience with writing for film. I also write music for video games on another note, but my primary focus is film at...
  10. joclemons21

    Composer looking for new projects!

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for new projects for 2014. I promise complete satisfaction with my work and I never fail to meet a deadline. My style is very versatile. Please check out my website and contact me if you're interested. Thanks! www.jayceclemons.com joclemons21@gmail.com Jayce Clemons
  11. NickAtMx

    Example of Full Orchestra Film Score

    Thought it could be an idea to post an example of a full orchestra sound here, also as an example of what customized music could be like (other, non-exclusive tracks on my site for sale http://www.thefilmscorestore.com/browse-music, may sometimes be a little more less in the overall sound.
  12. Benjamin Disinger

    Manchester Orchestra - "Virgin"

    I had the awesome chance to make my short film into a music video for the band Manchester Orchestra. Check it out here!
  13. P

    Orchestral Composer for Collaboration

    Hey, I write epic style symphony orchestral pieces, as well as slower, more intimate scores. Let me know if you have a film idea which we could collaborate on. All the best, -Phil
  14. joclemons21

    Composer looking for new projects.

    Hello! I'm looking for new projects (small and large scale). I have experience working with film students, amateurs, and professionals. I'm easy to work with and my composition style is very versatile. My price is negotiable and I'm always willing to work with any budget! You can find more...
  15. joclemons21

    Need an experienced and easy to work with composer?

    Hello! I'm looking for new projects (small and large scale). I have experience working with film students, amateurs, and professionals. My price is negotiable and I'm always willing to work with any budget including no budget! You can find more information on me and my work below. Thanks...