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  1. www.audiofighter.com // open music library for shortfilms

    www.audiofighter.com // open music library for shortfilms

    Do you need background music for free? Hi, i want to take the time to invite you to visit my website: http://www.audiofighter.com Free License music for all your video needs. youtube, vimeo, tiktok, dailymotion, documentaries, shortfilms, promotional videos, commercials, tutorials, service...
  2. Zviad Gvilava

    Free Original Music For Your Film

    Dear friends, We are professional musicians group from Tbilisi, Georgia. If someone is interested to cooperate with us please contact: subitoproduction@gmail.com. We are ready to write an original music for short or full length movie for free. Requirements: the film must be interested for our...
  3. Hannah Neumann

    Film Score Composer for hire

    I am an Oregon-based composer currently working with Neumann Films--I create royalty-free music as well as original film scores. I enjoy writing a variety of cinematic music, from dramatic, theatrical trailer scores to light, comedic tracks. I can be reached at hannahneumann7@gmail.com with...
  4. BenH08

    AHS Aquinas - Teaser 1 (Bloody Mess)

    Hey guys... this is my first post so plz be nice! For my multimedia major work tis year i am making a short film and because i am a MASSIVE American horror story fan i wanted to make my own version set in my school we started filming today and i have uploaded the first teaser of the film. if...
  5. M1staWyte

    Looking forward to collabration

    Hello content creators, My name is M1sta Wyte. I produce my own Hip-Hop/Electronic/Rock music with the help of my friend and fellow musician Gary Macguyver. We are looking to provide out music for use in film or video. Please contact me if interested. Thanks,
  6. ccbmp

    Music/Sound/Voiceover for your films! Experienced, Versatile, and Professional

    Hello, I'm Carl. I want to let you know of my availability for composing, sound design, and voiceover work. I hold a BA in Music from the University of North Texas. I create many styles of music and I have a network of great musicians to call upon. I've worked on many film, game, and media...
  7. Francois Beauvais

    Original Scores for your projects

    Hi, My name is François Beauvais. I have more than 10 years of professional musical experience. I spent the last 3 years touring around the world as a guitar player for Cavalia but now that I'm back in Montreal, I write scores. Have a listen to what I do on my website and if you need original...
  8. primalism

    Unique soundtrack for your production. Film composer available.

    *** FILM COMPOSER AVAILABLE*** Are you looking for the unique music for your production? Please check my portfolio: *Trailer Music Reel* *TV Ads - Cinematic* *TV Ads - Modern Beats* *Film Music Reel* *TV Commercial* Selected film works: Death of Innocence (2014) -...
  9. J

    Composer looking for a project!

    Hi everyone, my name is John and I'm an aspiring composer. After spending a few years with machinima films and standalone projects of my own, I’d love to start working on regular short films and get as much experience as possible. I'm not picky genre-wise, I would like to expand my horizons...