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  1. SamuelJRobinsonMusic

    Film Composer Looking to Build a Portfolio

    Hello I am Samuel Robinson and I am a composer fresh out of university looking for projects to compose for. I specialise is emotional piano and orchestral work and will compose for your film for free or a very low fee, just have a look at my examples in the Google Drive link and see if my work...
  2. Darth_Danil

    Emerging Composer Looking for Projects

    Hello! I am a young composer and I am looking to work on projects. Short films isthe most preferable area for me now. Here you can listen to the music I have already composed: That is the start for me and I am hoping to getting better through the experience. Please, contact me if you are...
  3. RimoMusic

    Looking for Royalty Free Music?

    If you're looking for music for your project, please visit me on http://audiojungle.net/user/rimomusic/portfolio?ref=RimoMusic If you want custom-made music please contact me on rikard@rimomusic.com Good Luck with your projects! :)
  4. Amanda De Lany

    Searching for Composer for Dramatic Short

    Hello all! I'm in need of a volunteer/unpaid composer (rate is negotiable). I’m currently in post-production of my thesis film titled Because I Love you and I’m in need of a composer. This short is a dramatic thriller with a current runtime of 12 minutes. It’s about a young woman’s journey to...
  5. A

    Looking for a composer for a short film titled "Until The End"

    Hi, We are making a student film for Sydney Film School and need music. Here's the synopsis for the film(currently in pre-production): Deserted by her parents, 13-year-old Sarah encounters an aged man who is like an angel sent from above, her grief subdues as he attempts to soothe her pain...
  6. C

    Need a Composer??

    Hello there, I was studying film scoring at UCLA extension, and just graduated. Before starting film scoring certificate, my major was classical piano performance. Thanks to this musical background, I have many advantages about piano pieces, especially semi-classical and orchestral works. Here...
  7. David Mackay

    Experienced composer available for film work

    Hi I'm Dave from Edinburgh, Scotland. I have a passion for visual media and of course music and am keen to gain further experience in composing music for film. I love the way visual media and music (and sound) can be weaved together to create something more than those individual parts. I have...
  8. RF Cinematic Music

    High Quality Royalty Free Cinematic Music Available! Only £1 Per Track!

  9. Ross Milner

    Pianist or Violinist Needed for Short-Film

    Experienced 'Pianist' or 'Violinist' wanted! Pianists: I will be needing piano piece(s) with an emotional style. It will need to be in the style of Ludovico Einaudi, or Frederic Chopin. Watch the video below to see what kind of piece I am after. Violinists: Again, it will have to fill an...
  10. Andrew Payn

    The Earliest Hour

    A bit of piano to add a mellow feeling to any project. A very unique addition to our royalty free music library, 'The Earliest Hour' by Miles Fogle: ➤ Download: ... ➤ For more music and cool stuff, visit our website: http://www.notetones.com ➤ Subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on...
  11. D

    Looking for composer to create soundtrack to Boylesque documentary

    Hey dear friends I have recently finished a documentary on Boylesque in Scotland. Our boylesque dancer Tom Harlow uses music in his performances which we can't use due to copyright reasons. I am looking for a composer who can work to create something similar to the songs we have to make a...
  12. Andrew Payn

    Glance - Alternative - Royalty Free Music

    Another royalty free track from Notetones, Glance is an alternative piano track that really makes an impact. Licence: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/legalcode
  13. C

    Compose is looking for a project

    Hello, I am studying film scoring at UCLA extension. Recently, I finished two projects on this website. Before coming the US, my major was classical piano performance. Thanks to this musical background, I have many advantages about piano pieces, especially semi-classical and orchestral works...
  14. C

    A composer is looking for a Project

    Hello, guys. I am studying film scoring at UCLA extension. Recently, I finished two projects from this website. Before coming the States, my major was classical piano performance. Thanks to this background, I have many advantages about piano pieces and orchestral works. Here is my Vimeo and...
  15. Media Notes

    OST Artist

    Hi all, Am turning my musical direction to composing for film, if anybody is looking for original music please get in touch with me! I am looking to write music for specific media, rather than just listing music for you to choose from. Links are listed below. Media Notes is the new project...
  16. Mithrarque

    Mithrarque for your dark haunting cinematic/ambient/neo-classical piano pieces

    "Mithrarque is a solo artist/muscial project based in Paris, France, who feeds himself on his own demons and fears. Creating to express, not to impress, it often results as a dark haunting cinematic music, bluring the lines between electronic and neo-classical one. " If you are searching for a...
  17. D

    Looking for Composer!!!

    Hello everyone! I am about to begin working on a narrative film for applications to Universities and I am in search of music for the short film. I am looking for a lighthearted solo piano piece. Below is an ad for the iPhone 5 which will be similar to what I am doing with my narrative. Please...