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royalty free

  1. N

    Royalty-free Music For Your Projects

    Need royalty-free music for your work? Check out my ever-growing library of various genres and styles here: www.pond5.com/artist/nedwin04#1/2064 Stay Creative! Nedwin04
  2. M

    Music and sound effects for your productions!

    If you're looking for sound effects, an amazing collection is waiting for you. Hundreds of sounds of every kind with the top quality you can find out there. Just take a look and listen, new great items are coming! Link: https://audiojungle.net/user/audioblend/portfolio
  3. Andi Rock

    Multi-Genre Composer Looking For Projects - Royalty Free Music Available

    I play Piano / Keyboars / Guitar / Bass Guitar and work in a variety of styles including Orchestral, Electronic, Rock, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, and more. I have royalty free non-exclusive music available at https://www.pond5.com/artist/andirockmusic and am also available for custom jobs...
  4. Hannah Neumann

    Limited 100% Free of Charge and Royalty-Free Cinematic Music

    Filmmakers! Head on over to my Facebook page for a special 'Daily Freebie' week. By 'liking' my page, you will have access to a new, free, cinematic, musical track every day this week. 100% Royalty Free and 100% free of charge. www.facebook.com/hannahneumannmusic/ -Hannah Neumann/Neumann Films
  5. HallaFreakquency

    Need royalty-free rock/metal for your project?

    In case you need royalty-free rock/hard rock/metal music, go check out our very affordable portfolio at AudioJungle: HallaFreakquency @ AudioJungle - Over 60 high-quality stock music items We specialize in rock but our portfolio includes a variety of styles like electro, pop, corporate...
  6. HallaFreakquency

    A music production team from Finland introducing ourselves

    Hello! We are a Finnish music production team from Seinäjoki. Our services include everything from recording to mixing and mastering. We also write and produce library music, jingles, speaks etc. We joined the forum because we are interested in learning more about filmmaking and using that...
  7. Andrew Payn

    Last Day of Earth [RFM]

    Who can't like a bit of dubchestral? Perfect for any end of days movie! ➤ Download: https://soundcloud.com/notetones/last... ➤ For more music and cool stuff, visit our website: http://www.notetones.com ➤ Subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on SoundCloud...
  8. Andrew Payn

    Endgame - RFM

    Lets dive straight into some dubstep to say to January. Endgame gives you that satisfying remedy of drops, dashed with a sprinkling of wubs. ➤ Download: ➤ Previous video: ➤ For more music and cool stuff, visit our website: http://www.notetones.com ➤ Subscribe to us on YouTube and follow...
  9. Andrew Payn

    Fanfare of the Fantasy - RFM

    Lets slow things down a moment, epic orchestral doesn't always have to shout in your face to still sound epic. Featuring some strong brass, this is definitely a track to say hello to the weekend with! [VIDEO] ➤ Download: ... ➤ Previous video: ➤ For more music and cool stuff, visit our...
  10. DanoSongs

    Royalty Free Music Film Composer - Website, IMDB and Bio

    Hi, I'm Dan O'Connor a royalty free music film composer. Here is my website, IMDB and bio Music: http://danosongs.com/ Credits: http://imdb.me/danoconnor Bio: Dan O’Connor began studying guitar and writing songs at the age of 13. He went on to study music at the Hartford Conservatory and The...
  11. Andrew Payn

    Aviation - Royalty Free Music

    Looking for some drum and bass for your project? Well we give unto you a top notch production, check it out on our YouTube now: ➤ Download: ➤ For more music and cool stuff, visit our website: http://www.notetones.com ➤ Subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on SoundCloud...
  12. Andrew Payn

    Unstable Pixels - Royalty Free Music

    Hark back to the old days of video games with Liam Fay's debut track Unstable Pixels: A chiptune 8bit mix is all ready for this weeks release, remember this is free to use in any of your projects! Want something like this for your project? Well visit our website atwww.notetones.com to find out...
  13. Andrew Payn

    Razer - Royalty Free Music

    Winters being a bit glum so we thought we'd get this released to bring up the mood. Perfect for a short film, here's 'Razer' by Rob Graham: ➤ Download: ➤ For more music and cool stuff, visit our website: http://www.notetones.com ➤ Subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on SoundCloud...
  14. Andrew Payn

    Fortified Fantasy

    Featuring your typical fantasy instruments, fortified fantasy is bound to any medieval/fantasy/mythical situation. All our music is royalty free and is creative commons attribute non derivative (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/legalcode)
  15. Adeline

    Showcase My Royalty-Free Original and Background Music Demo

    Hi, I'm Adeline, just join in. I'm a Indie Musician, major in Chinese pop music and other kinds of music genres. Here to showcase my music demo to prospective student filmmakers. If you are interested in my demos, you can use it to promote your film(but not in youtube,because artist music...
  16. S

    Composers Wanted!!!

    We are a new ambitious project. We have our minds set on creating the biggest and the best royalty free music marketplace. We welcome music of all genres, but for the sake of quality we are very, very selective when it comes to accepting music for our library. The quality and musical ideas are...
  17. Danguvibe

    Composer for Hire!

    Greetings! We are Dangu Vibe productions, and we make music! We're currently building our portfolio, and we'll be glad to compose music for your productions! ========= ABOUT US ========= We can do any type of music, from simple piano music to a complex symphony orchestra piece. For more...
  18. S

    Now it is easy to find audio for your movies

    Hello, hope it will be useful for moviemakers. There is a new service with comprehensive search on royalty free audiotracks - Soundizer.com that you can use in you videos. You can search audio tracks by keywords, author name, tags, etc. And there is a set of filters you can use to find a perfect...
  19. S

    Looking for Montage Music!

    A light-hearted film about a scientist who can see and hear the woman of his dreams, but she isn't real to anyone else but him. I'm looking for music to go over a montage of him doing various science things, trying to find a way of making this woman he sees come to life. I'm looking for a song...