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science fiction



    This film was in production for a little over two years. I started working on this thing back in February 2016 on my old lenovo thinkpad. So much time and effect went into this and I feel extremely relieved to have this thing off of my back. Hope you guys find enjoyment in this little flick and...


    Directed by : Dontae Carter Written by: Dontae Carter Cast: Captain Spaceman - Michael Forsch Ecang – Jason Rosen T.3D – Raymond Gutierrez Space Pirate - Jeremiah B. McQueen Space Tiger Matt Kuri Space Tiger voice - Gus Langley
  3. R

    VFX Artist

    Hello, I am currently in post-production on a 20 minute short film and am looking for a VFX artist to join our team to help complete the film. To give you a quick breakdown on the film I've attached the synopsis: Still Here takes place four years after an unexplained event causes all life on...
  4. O


    CALL FOR ENTRIES – OTHER WORLDS AUSTIN SCIFI FILM FESTIVAL Science Fiction invades our world in all forms and sizes—horror, drama, comedy, shorts, fan films, and feature-length films. Other World Austin brings the best of all that is SciFi to Austin. The three-day festival highlights films from...
  5. A

    Morning Glory (Kenyan Short Film

    A couple's confrontation leads to unexpected results....
  6. M

    Voracity - PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER - Short Film

    Living within a new, brutal post apocalyptic society, Frank sticks to what he knows best and that's looking after no one but himself. However, when he comes across a little girl all alone, he needs to decide what to do. Stick to his original plan or do what is morally right? This is my...
  7. Marco Luca

    The 3rd Letter | SciFi short set in a polluted, megalopolis world

    Grzegorz Jonkajtys wanted to tell a small dramatic story, set in a wider dystopian universe. A story with more unconventional, open-ended ending, that poses the inevitable question directly to the viewer – “what would you do in that situation?” http://filmshortage.com/shorts/the-3rd-letter/
  8. Marco Luca

    Expo - A mother would go to the moon to save her daughter

    Expo is a highly emotional short film that brings the human touch into the Sci-fi world, director Joe Sill has always wanted to make a film merging science fiction and human emotions, and wanted to showcase a good story where the visual effects are not the center of attention, but rather a...
  9. K

    Kickstarter Project called "Dead Souls Black"

    My name is Korea Black and I'm trying to raise money on Kickstarter for my film "Dead Souls Black". Please check out my page and donate if you can. Korea Black http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/koreablack13/dead-souls-black
  10. K

    Dead Souls Black (Trailer)

    Dead Souls Black is a supernatural, science fiction, horror film that chronicles the coming Apocalypse. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/koreablack13/dead-souls-black
  11. K

    A low-budget comedy about low-budget filmmaking

    Working on a new comedy. The premise: Space Explorers crash land inside of a low-budget film and must escape before the credits roll. It’s a spoof on filmmaking where each scene pokes fun at a different genre. As the Space Explorers attempt to escape the movie, they go through a Robin...