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  1. kscottdavis

    Experienced artist/composer looking to build film score reel

    Hello, My name is Kevin and I have been recording artist for some years (Glowworm, Beta Cicadae, Pacific UV). See creds and hear music at www.kevinscottdavis.net. My music has been licensed in a few films and TV shows (including HBO's Californication) but I am now looking to build my demo reel...
  2. C

    Need a Composer??

    Hello there, I was studying film scoring at UCLA extension, and just graduated. Before starting film scoring certificate, my major was classical piano performance. Thanks to this musical background, I have many advantages about piano pieces, especially semi-classical and orchestral works. Here...
  3. C

    Free Film Scoring Submissions

    Hi my name is Charlie Yaris, and I'm an administrative assistant for Paracademia, an innovative music center in Harlem, NYC with focuses in creative education, performance events production and networking for active musicians. We are currently accepting films to be considered for scoring to be...
  4. AdamJamesKing

    Composer Looking To Score Your Films!

    Hi I'm a recent graduate of London South Bank University in the UK, leaving with a 2:1 in Music and Sound Design. I have a deep passion for music and sound, specifically in film scoring. I have experience with various digital audio workstations such as Cubase / Ableton / Logic Pro X and Pro...
  5. T

    Producer/Composer with world class facility

    My name is Andrew Koss. I'm a composer, writer, producer, and owner of Terminus Recording Studios. We are a world class recording facility located in Times Square in the heart of NYC. Our facility is fully equipped for scoring, ADR work, voice overs, and post/surround work. I'm here because as a...
  6. Norman Anderson

    Composer looking for projects to score

    I am currently in search of projects to score. They could be anything from films to games. I would do work for writing credits on the project. Please feel free to contact me. Here is a sample you can check out.
  7. B

    offering music for your movies and video projects

    Hello filmmakers, this is Bennet Bieck from Berlin, Germany, writing. If you are currently searching for a composer for your newest movies or video projects, come an check out my website at http://www.bennetbieck.de. And if you like what you're hearing, please feel free to contact me via mail...
  8. T

    Composer at major NYC studio looking to films to work on

    Hi everyone and thank you for welcoming me on to your forums. My name is Andrew Koss and I'm a composer, writer, producer, and owner of Terminus Recording Studios. We are a world class recording facility located in Times Square in the heart of NYC. Our facility is fully equipped for scoring...
  9. Dustin Hahn

    Emerging Film Composer Seeking Projects!

    Hello film makers! My name is Dustin Hahn and I am a film composer looking for new projects. I received my Bachelor of Music at Berklee College of Music with degrees in film scoring and composition as well as a minor in game audio. I am experienced at scoring to picture and can adapt my...
  10. Rachael Foster

    Film composer at your service!

    Hi! I'm a Berklee graduate and am looking for some filmmakers to collaborate with. I write in any style to match the mood of the film; often it's orchestral stuff and animated films, indie, drama, etc. Visit my website www.rachaelfostermusic.com and check out my demo reel (under Work -> Film)...
  11. Q

    Free music for short films, animation, ads, uni projects etc

    Hi :) I'm a music student looking to collaborate with film students. Any type of film scoring, i'll be happy to do for free. I'll send you samples of my work upon request. Drop me an email qwolez@yahoo.co.uk Cheers!
  12. JdavisComposer

    Film Composer offering project scoring for your film!

    I have many credits from past works and can yield finished music very quickly due to home studio and up to date tools as well as the capability of mixing and mastering if necessary. Not all works of mine are posted online at the moment but still feel free to have a look at some projects below...
  13. ALim - Amanda

    New composer looking to compose short films

    Hi, I know I don't have any experience or much training in music but I'd like to try my hands at scoring short films and networking with these directors to possibly hone my skills as a composer. Here are some of the stuff I have done...

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