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  1. Short, Sweet, and to the point!

    Short, Sweet, and to the point!

    Why am I a filmmaker? I just love the art of storytelling. This is a rich tradition, that I believe will never die. From the beginning and end of time, they'll be yelling! You'll never kill a storyteller, even if you try.
  2. D

    In need of a story

    Hello I am a high school filmmaker and I have the directing and filming part covered, but when the time to write comes, I always struggle coming up with a story, characters, all the basics. I can screenwrite well but I just can't come up with a story. If anyone would be willing to give me any...
  3. BenH08

    AHS Aquinas - Teaser 1 (Bloody Mess)

    Hey guys... this is my first post so plz be nice! For my multimedia major work tis year i am making a short film and because i am a MASSIVE American horror story fan i wanted to make my own version set in my school we started filming today and i have uploaded the first teaser of the film. if...
  4. AlexaSvilkic

    RamaCHau - Horror Story

    We were chilling and decided to make a short movie, we vreated a story as we were filming it , shoot all the scenes in 2 hours, and edited it in about 5hours. It may be a little boring in the begging so you can skip till 1.30min Hpe you like it
  5. Marco Luca

    The Silent Note - In Film and in Life, the story is the King

    ‘In Film and in Life, the story is the King‘. This is what the team of 4 students from the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), Multimedia University, in Malaysia, had as a premise for a final year project that took over 8 months to create. The Silent Note will silently capture your heart with...
  6. ItalianFilmmaker

    "Story" of Robert Mckee

    Hi, I read the book of McKee "Story", but in Italy I didn't know this author. I'm curious to know what you think about this author and his book. Thanks to all