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student short film

  1. Aggie_M

    CALL FOR ENTIRES - Camerimage

    We are pleased to inform that CAMERIMAGE, the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography - the largest and most recognized international film event devoted to the art of motion picture photography, has launched the selection process for its upcoming 25thanniversary edition. All...
  2. Sinclair


  3. Munich International Festival of Film Sc

    36. FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH, 13. - 19. November 2016 - Call for entries special competitions

    As part of the FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH we have two special competitions: The CLIMATE CLIPS film competition is sponsored by the Nagelschneider Stiftung - Foundation for Renewable Energy, a German non-profit foundation. The CLIMATE CLIPS Award with a purse of 5,000 Euros goes to the best clip on...
  4. Teaje

    Frozen Vengeance [2:30]

    Frozen Vengeance UK / 2013 A rivalry has reached a bitter end in a frozen field, a weather condition that our characters are not too familiar with. Written and planned in a day and filmed the next, we wanted to take advantage of the snow that had cloaked the country before it melted away. A...
  5. JC Scott

    Need 3 Actors for Film (Downtown Pittsburgh)

    Need 3 Actors for Film (Downtown Pittsburgh) Hi everyone, I'm a student filmmaker at AIP, searching desperately for actors who would like to be in a short student film called LUCID. It is a supernatural thriller surrounding Dwayne, a low-on-life guy suffering from horrible nightmares and is...