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  1. Holding On

    Holding On

    It’s easy to get attached to a place or person after a period of time, making it hard to move on when the time comes - but just because you’re moving on.. Doesn’t mean you have to let go of the past completely. BEHIND THE SCENES: Directed, Written, Cinematography, and Edited by Eugene Chan...
  2. Daniel Ofner

    Composer looking for projects to work on

    Hello everyone! If you search a composer for your film\game\etc., I'm the guy for you! My name is Daniel, I'm a composer from Israel. I try to be as original as I can, and I'm always combining new sounds and effects into my pieces. Please take a look on my SoundCloud page and see if you like my...
  3. Ivan Malekin

    MIM 2014 High School Showcase Submissions Open

    MIM 2014 is here – six years straight now – and it's good to be back! We're the only festival exclusively for Melbourne and Victorian filmmakers and we're once again accepting submissions from High School filmmakers (students 18 and under). Check out the festival trailer...
  4. DSyk.Music

    Seeking filmmakers/short films

    Hi, My name is Daniel Sykora and I'm a young film-composer based in Toronto, Canada. As part of my 4th year project at Humber College for my Bachelor of Music I will be recording at their studios. What I am offering is custom high-quality LIVE MUSIC that will be RECORDED, MIXED. and MASTERED...
  5. V

    SUPER Micro-Budget Feature Seeking Director & DP (students welcomed)

    Producer ("The Painter" - selected for 2 film festivals) and VFX Artist ("The Walking Dead", "Dracula", "Hercules", "Guardians of the Galaxy", etc) for a super micro-budget feature film, seeking for PASSIONATE and NEW feature director and DP who wants to gain feature experience. Requirements...
  6. P

    [WANTED] filmaker for music video. collaboration

    Hello lads! We are an alternative rock band and we just recorded our new track "i am not your hero today" produced by Stuart Epps (Led Zeppelin,robbie williams, oasis) and John davis (u2, lana del rey). We have a strong fan base so you will promote your job or you will create your project for...
  7. O

    Looking for driven Film students !

  8. G

    Interested in Starting a Student Production Company

    So like many of you I am a film student. I have this idea that I want to start my own production company of student film makers. I want it to be a very collaborative and fun company where we get to do what we love. I know this sounds very ambitious but we all have to start somewhere. I have a...
  9. P

    Recording Studio Internship

    SOFOREAL Records (San Diego Area) is an up and coming record lable lookin for fulltime interns to head the video production team. We are looking for new talent and will provide a proposal for students looking to receive credit from the work that they do with us. We are only looking for those who...