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  1. R

    MARA'S LABYRINTH - A Short Film

    Synopsis: A receptionist is stalked by a man who claims to know about her sordid past affair with a convicted child killer. Feel free to critique, but please be constructive and kind. Was heavily inspired by media such as: A Snake of June Silent Hill House of Leaves - Novel David Lynch Films
  2. The Close Distance of Clarity

    The Close Distance of Clarity

    A young woman receives a gift from her oblivious mother. Following her refusal of the gift, she is forced to face the consequences of not acknowledging her past distant emotions.
  3. "Bestattungsinstitut"


    "Bestattungsinstitut" is a short film directed and written by Josh Turner. Starring Carlos Brum, Srinivasarao Doppalapudi, John Herring, and Sarah Sirard. This was filmed in the summer of 2019 and entered into the 2019 Audience Awards Experimental Film Contest. This is a love story about Arthur...
  4. INK.


  5. Ethan Rodriguez

    Please review the opening of my screenplay~

    (its about a paranoid politcal comic writer in the 70s who wakes up in the comic book he wrote, about a world without adults. He is an adult now, but he was a child at one point in the comic book, but as it goes on you realize the writer came from a troubled houeshold and is only imaging his...
  6. Static


    Fresh Film Senior Finalist 2016 - 'Static' directed by Alan Power. A girl finds a mysterious notebook while taking her dog for a walk.
  7. A

    Check out these short student films

    Hey there everyone. I made these films and just like to know what you think or if you just want to watch them, watch them! I don't mind. Check them all out and enjoy yourself! Here's a link to my Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlanMartinPower
  8. Alec Brynard

    New Member from Cape Town, South Africa :) Check out our debut short!

    Hi! Alec Brynard here, Director/Co-Producer/Co-Writer at Dead Monkey Productions from Cape Town South Africa. We are a group of young aspiring genre filmmakers who have recently released our first 6-minute short film, a surreal/dreamlike Horror film featuring a really cool retro-inspired synth...
  9. Not-man

    Making fun of Freud

    Sigmund Freud's Fruit and Nut Bar: A short that deals with innocence, dreams and pokes fun at some of Freud's views on sex. "Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy."- Freud
  10. N

    Fragments Of The Absent Mind

    Runtime: 13:01 Language: English
  11. Marco Luca

    The Signal - A scientist must save the city from his creation

    The Signal is an ambitious short film from director Markus Stokes, who took on the mission to create the most “Hollywood-like” science fiction film. To achieve this Markus gathered talented VFX artists from all around the world, including Switzerland, Argentina, Australia, Germany and the US...
  12. Rean Combrinck

    Stroke me Senses

    Experimental edit made from 'picked out of a hat' random type iphone footage. Enjoy the weirdness! :)