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  1. Flight of The Dancing Crow

    Flight of The Dancing Crow

  2. Conscience


    This was made for my Intermediate Narrative class in my Junior year.
  3. Marco Luca

    If I Had a Heart - Path to revenge is an acceptance of death that offers no salvation

    If I Had A Heart is a neon-noir set in the underbelly of Seoul. Sam IL is a street fighter who was abandoned at birth by his Mother in a coin locker. His life has been one of extreme violence and isolation. After a brutal near death experience Sam IL is forced to contemplate his past whilst...
  4. Teaje

    Frozen Vengeance [2:30]

    Frozen Vengeance UK / 2013 A rivalry has reached a bitter end in a frozen field, a weather condition that our characters are not too familiar with. Written and planned in a day and filmed the next, we wanted to take advantage of the snow that had cloaked the country before it melted away. A...
  5. Marco Luca

    his Is Vanity - A shocking and touching award winning film - now available online

    Magnolia Film Festival in the US, and the Audience Award at the Bermuda International Film Festival. It has also been selected at 6 international film festivals. Beginning with a shock, This is Vanity rewinds, taking us through a postmortem of a mother’s exasperation with the ineffectual local...