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"Choose" - Short Film on Anti-bullying

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Pros: the sound design helps
Cons: many planes of the character running
I think that at the beginning the narrative is very slow, but in the part where he is thinking about making the decision it is well told with those planes, I think that only the hand is missing a little more, and some changes of light in some planes.
the sound design helps a lot, the planes of the ones I think are not useful in terms of the narrative
Pros: Beautiful camerawork- really vibrant colours, good use of focus, nice, smooth long takes.
Cons: Felt more like an advert.
Unconvincing acting.
Strange pacing.
I really want to like this film and I really want to be able to sing its praises simply because it's an important issue very close to my heart and still very relevant to this day and I think it's fantastic that young filmmakers are aware of these issues and not afraid to speak out about them however, I struggle not to notice little issues I have within the construction of this film. I think it's beautifully shot and long, slow takes are always effective but with only 4 minutes, too much time is spent on making it look nice. 4 minutes is hard to use effectively but i would have put character development over visuals personally. I felt a lot of the dialogue was unnatural and a bit simplistic but I think that could be down to the acting rather than the script. My main problem is bullying has been an issue for a long time and I feel like this film just doesn't pull on heartstrings enough to force through the issue of bullying. If it was as simple as notifying people that they can do something about it bullying wouldn't be an issue in the modern day but I just feel like with issues like this, it needs to hit harder to make a difference. I would say though, this film is clearly made by those who have a good understanding of filmmaking, I just think it's a tough issue to tackle in 4 mins.
Pros: Crisp short well defined
Cons: Can make a better story board with more depth
Excellent camera work especially long shots crisp and defined framework , small story line really understandable the effects of bullying , more of a social cause movie , acting was full abd good thought it needed a better more strong storyboard Abyway great to watch , not much complicated it helps for younger generation a lot to remove this menace