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  1. I Need To Go

    I Need To Go

    This was filmed back in early 2018 and I finally was able to convert the Hi-8 Film into digital and edit the video ! please enjoy ! I am very open to all feedback ! thanks !
  2. "Choose" - Short Film on Anti-bullying

    "Choose" - Short Film on Anti-bullying

    This short film was selected to be presented in the Miami 4 Social Change Youth Film Festival. Film submissions had to focus on the theme of the festival which is Social Change.
  3. Sins of Our Savior: The Story of Jesus Christ

    Sins of Our Savior: The Story of Jesus Christ

    A 2017 Documentary that psychoanalyzes the biblical account of Jesus Christs life, focusing on his hopes, dreams, and motivations. It attempts to answer the question of who really was Jesus Christ.
  4. The Experiences, Both Good and Bad, of a Learning Video-Maker

    The Experiences, Both Good and Bad, of a Learning Video-Maker

    This Studentfilms.com site features experiences of young Youtube/Vimeo videographer, director, and editor John Tuttle.
  5. C

    Coastal calling

  6. Jarod With

    Morgue | TRAILER

    "Aspiring journalist Donnie Myers’ only goal in life is to become a respected journalist. When his dreams are shut down, he teams up with his city’s infamous serial killer, following him and covering his killing spree in order to build his resume and gain the attention of popular news outlets."...
  7. No Longer - Dorian Pistilli

    No Longer - Dorian Pistilli

    "No Longer" by Dorian Pistilli (Official Video) A TUTV Music Production Presented by the film “Affection,” on YouTube April 29, 2016 Concept by Phoebe Cavise Starring Dorian Pistilli and Amanda Rose Directed by Phoebe Cavise Cinematography by Claire Brodie Produced and Edited by Julie Doten...
  8. R. Reads

    Multi-skilled Composer

    Greetings, I'm Rebecca Reads, musician/composer/voice-actress and am really excited to be here on Studentfilms.com. My creative skills include professional voice-over, music composing, or both. I'm usually available 18 hours a day and am happy to spend many hours brainstorming with you. Tell...
  9. F

    Former producer working developing a video app

    Hey guys! I'm a former producer turned techie (San Francisco). My team is developing an app that aims to break the barriers to social video and empower anybody to create and share more video content. We're looking for individuals to discuss the app with and get feedback on our features/creative...
  10. KP1990

    Apply for New Reality TV Show – Send Us Your Video Submissions!

    Two established, award-winning production companies seek contestants for a new reality TV show. Have you ever thought that you or someone you know could have their own series? And you’re the perfect person to create it? Here’s your chance to sit in the director’s chair! The show’s premise is...
  11. P

    World of 7 Billion Student Video Contest

    Back by popular demand, the World of 7 Billion student video contest can help you bring technology and creativity into your high school science and environmental education classes. The contest challenges students to create a short (60 seconds or less) video illustrating the connection between...
  12. K

    LONDON BASED Camerman & Editor needed for a 2 minute crowd-fund video.

    Great work experience opportunity! We are producing a short 2 MINUTE crowd-funding video campaign for a games company. We are looking for something very simple and so this job is suitable for anyone who wants additional work experience to begin with.... We are seeking CAMERAMEN and/or...
  13. N

    BOOYAKA (2014) First quarter film student production!

    Hello! My friends and I filmed this video in one day for school. It'd be sweet to hear any feedback, criticisms, or comments. Thanks for watching!
  14. C

    Interesting People Series - Part 2

    Arthur Culbreth - The Crossing Guard Interesting People Series - Part 2 - The Crossing Guard "People are labeled, but a label doesn't define them. The Crossing Guard has cooking, music, and his family."
  15. Roy Leon

    HDR in Video

    Is it possible to capture High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI or HDR) with a video camera? HDR techniques have been used by photographers to reproduce an image with greater dynamic range of luminosity than can be achieved by standard digital photographic techniques. Dynamic Range is...
  16. M

    Shoot a video about traveling and win flight tickets! :)

    Hello guys, I'm writing this to invite you all to participate in a great film/traveling project based on crowdsourcing philosophy. What to do to participate? Check if your city is on our list, shoot a short video about it, no matter if you live there or just visit it. Just make sure that it is...
  17. indianstoheaven

    Here is your next video clip theme and music! Composer seeks director.

    Hi, I’m an independent musician from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve just finished an album which is basically a love letter to 1970’s prog rock. I’m looking for a film student who would like to make a music video for one of the singles, a Spanish flavoured rock song in 5/8 about never being...
  18. P

    [WANTED] filmaker for music video. collaboration

    Hello lads! We are an alternative rock band and we just recorded our new track "i am not your hero today" produced by Stuart Epps (Led Zeppelin,robbie williams, oasis) and John davis (u2, lana del rey). We have a strong fan base so you will promote your job or you will create your project for...
  19. fabioalves

    SCHIFFER | Short Film

    Hey guys I am new here ( and on the indie film making industry ) it has been 4 years since I first started shooting video and now I decided to make a short film after making loads of action/sports videos, music videos and stuff i decided to try out a short film that i wrote with my girlfriend...
  20. J

    Epidemic Sound Licenses Music By The Second

    Epidemic Sound today began accepting applications for early access to the new Epidemic Sound TrackShop, which allows video content creators for the first time to license tracks from the company's production music library for just €1 ($1.35) per second. In contrast, all other professional...

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