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Pros: - Stunning visual effects
- Effective tilted angles to create tension, uneasy
- Good use of sound effects to quickly create the intended atmosphere
Cons: - The pace is a bit slow during the scene where the main character is searching for stuff in the kitchen, the tension drops and the audience loses part of the focus
- This could be a little more complicated in terms of having a larger variety of dissonance, perfects tritone scales, etc.
Easily understandable plot and effectively builds up tension quickly. An accurate and effective portrayal of a drug addict without useless scenes or actions. The music could help build up the atmosphere and suck the audiences into the film a bit more.
Pros: The film has a lot of dutch angle shots and low angle shots to create unbalance and anxiety. The music and sound effects also elevates the level of tension and build up in the story. The actor did a great job as well portraying a man who's clearly reliant in drugs. The short effectively shows what happens when an addict is at his lowest low.
Cons: The unconscious character in the film appears to be an imagination but it would be best as well to establish who he really is.
In this adrenaline-rushing short film, the depiction of addiction is well portrayed by the actor and through the creative cuts. Combined with the sound effects and score! It makes you question what's real and what's not real when intoxicated with drugs.
Pros: Interesting concept
Good Sound Design
Flowing pace
Cons: Some overexposed shots and dirty lens took away from the immersion
It was a good watch as I was interested in what was on the screen. Short and sharp and to the point made this an intriguing film. Would fix those issues in certain shots to take this to another level.