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Pros: Acting
Cons: Needs a tripod
I myself am not a fan of the avant-garde shaky-cam - maybe it wasn't intended that way, but if so - if a tripod isn't available, find a substitute. :)

Being filmed entirely in such a small area posed a few problems, one being the scene with the windows in the background making the actor hard to see. I think if you had gone for more close ups, it could really have exacerbated the claustrophobic nature of the room, bringing the characters even closer together.

The reveal at the end I must admit caught me by surprise! Must have been too engrossed in the character's strong interactions.

Good work.
Nice film you've made here. I thought camera is bit shaky and I found that the picture looked a little bit 'stock', maybe this would be rectified with some grading but a nice connection between the two actors! I also found a distinct lack of music in this. I think a score would really help elevate the emotions you're trying to portray

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