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Pros: Great use of space
Interesting use of spot lighting
Purely visual storytelling
Great acting
Fish-out-of-water atmosphere
Cons: Borders on underexposure
Little context to story
Ballerina creepy music cliche
I liked this film. It had an immersive feel to it that horror's rarely capture. The lack of dialogue leant a huge amount of tension and unanswered questions. Who is this girl? Where is she? What is she going to do?

She was in such a claustrophobic space with creepy dolls, who knows where this is going?

As much as I love the lack of context, I was reaching for some kind of explanation as to what was going on. I had no reason to like or resonate with the lead as there was no reason too. She was a character that may as well be the viewer themselves, which may have been what you were going for.

In a nutshell, I think you capture the mood and essence of horror well. Most can't. However if you are looking to make more horror in the future (which you definitely should!) I personally think you could benefit from injecting some compelling aspects to the story to add stakes, and build on your strong foundation of mood and atmosphere :D

Keep it up, look forward to seeing what yo duo next
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Thank you for the review. I will definitely keep your points in mind! :)
Pros: Great audio, well done overall atmosphere (I got scared:)
Cons: Just some nitpicks listed in review
...So apparently I can`t have more than a small ammount of pros and cons above...so:

  • The way the tension grows and It kept me wondering what will happen.
  • The protagonists vulnerability was nicely portrayed by being barefoot.
  • The dolls were super creepy.
  • The tune of the box was spot on!
  • The sound effects were very well used.
  • The jumpscare in the end ;)

  • The first two scares had an overly strong piano hit, but didn`t really frightened the protagonist as the viewer. (I got more scared of the piano, then the girl from the knocks.)
  • The room could have been a bit more dark behind her. (though if it`s too technical or expensive to pull of - ignore this point :)
  • The jumpscare in the end... ;)

The Small Print:
I`m not an expert, but I do love films and I`m more sensitive about audio things, so I`m paying special attention and pointing out those.

Everything I say is just an honest opinion I form after I watch the short, hope I can give some constructive thoughts and notices. Negatives are just nitpickings anyways :)

Edit: Oh and I subscribed! ;D
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Thank you for this! Glad you enjoyed the short! :)

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