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Pros: Showed how when they fight for territory no one wins. Could be seen through the actions of the world's leaders.
Cons: I feel like there should have been more of a difference in shots as well, eventually, it feels like it just waits to end.
The idea is interesting and it is captured well, but I feel like the run time is too long for what you give us. I feel like if you tried to combine this with something or show anything else I would be more engaged. but the idea of the territory is definitely interesting.
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Pretty Much What It Promised To Be
Pros: Interesting to see the bird defend the seeds considering the volume of seeds
Simple and straight forward.
Cons: Relatively simple and without change, felt like more camera shots were needed.
It did what it said it would on the tin, which is display a bird fighting off birds to protect its seeds. Would be interested to hear what the assignment was in which this was submitted.
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