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  1. Making Something New - Collage Artist & Comedian J.D. Renaud

    Making Something New - Collage Artist & Comedian J.D. Renaud

    J.D. Renaud is a Winnipeg artist & comedian. He talks about his collage process while working on a new piece created from Super Mario calendars. Filmed by Sara Bulloch and Jessica Seburn.
  2. Edinburgh Short Film Festival Interviews #5 Zeynep Kececiler

    Edinburgh Short Film Festival Interviews #5 Zeynep Kececiler

    We continue our series of filmmaker interviews with the courageous documentary maker, Zeynep Kececiler. Zeynep is a Turkey-based award winning documentary-maker whose Somalia shot documentary, Miro's Journey, an amazing doc about a mother who raises her children by drug dealing in Somalia was...
  3. Territory


    In a corner of the yard, a bird does not allow other birds to eat the seeds.


    One of our guest curators for our 2019 edition was Paul Stekler, award-winning documentary filmmaker and head of the Doc school at the University of Texas film school. Prof. Stekler’s films have won two Peabody Awards, three du Pont-Columbia University Journalism Awards, three Emmy Awards and...
  5. GlobalDayz

    Short Film Documentary Ideas

    Hello, I'm an unorthodox Youtube video creator who relies solely on stock footage & b roll to create short film type videos on various topics. I previously focused on controversial topics/current events but there have been recent policy changes on the platform. I'm left with no options but to...
  6. A Forced Passage - A Short Documentary

    A Forced Passage - A Short Documentary

    The documentary follows the past, present and future of one Syrian family who fled from the war. Presenting the challenges of being now separated from the people they love and their homeland.
  7. Behind the Bag (Short Film on Mental Health in the Music Industry)

    Behind the Bag (Short Film on Mental Health in the Music Industry)



    THE CALLING is my first ever short film and it surely was the passion project for me as I worked in this alone for the most part of it. I hope you like it or find something entertaining about it. Would be very appreciated if you could review it for the learning’s sake. Hopefully I will be...
  9. Berk Bekar

    I Can Compose Free

    Hello everyone; I'm from Turkey and I can compose music for your short movies, ads, documentaries etc. free. Well, at least for now :) You can visit to listen to my works. I hope you like them. I personally like making psychological and horror music but you can hear other genres on my channel...
  10. Sins of Our Savior: The Story of Jesus Christ

    Sins of Our Savior: The Story of Jesus Christ

    A 2017 Documentary that psychoanalyzes the biblical account of Jesus Christs life, focusing on his hopes, dreams, and motivations. It attempts to answer the question of who really was Jesus Christ.
  11. World War II: The Last Frontier

    World War II: The Last Frontier

    For any questions about the production please email me on trustyoursources@gmail.com
  12. Finless


    FULL DOCUMENTARY: A skimboarding documentary. Since the creation of skimboarding in the 1960’s, it has yet to be seen as a competitive sport. From dropping a board on the shore of the beach to wrapping a wave and riding it as if surfing, the sport has more to it than most would think.
  13. buddists in exile

    buddists in exile

    This was a 2 day project to make the documentary film within a budget of $100 and containing a four member team during production .
  14. RedSpectrumPictures

    Documentary film on Bullfighting in Spain

    I'm currently pre-planning a documentary film that I'm going to be shooting for one of my final film projects at university. I have decided I want to produce a documentary on the topic of bullfighting in Spain, a film that explores the dying tradition, whilst looking at why people still/don't...
  15. JJ Johnson

    I need a composer for my short documentary

    Hi all, I am in search of a composer to work with me on a short documentary I recently shot. Here is a link to the rough cut. Please let me know if you would be interested in working with me. I will of course be offering a credit in the film, I will be submitting to a few smaller festivals...
  16. JJ Johnson

    Hello! I need a composer to work some magic!

    Hello all! I am a first year Grad Student at American University In Washington DC. I am currently working on a short documentary about the homeless who live in and around the DC area in tent cities. I would like to find some one who is interested in composing the music for this film. Of...
  17. GinaGlez

    Documentary seeking camblock operator (paid)

    We are seeking a CamBlock operator for a documentary feature. We will be shooting for two weeks in Baja (South of the border, a few hours from LA) and will be leaving to shoot in early March. This is a paid job. If interested please contact georgina@usc.edu
  18. S

    idea for documentary

    hi guys, i need ideas to make a small 5-7 mins documentary on coastal pollution, i have to submit this assignment in a week and i can't think of anything, i have never made a documentary before, any ideas would be appreciated. ps: i live in Mumbai, India
  19. MorrinCentre

    Call for Canadian entries

    The Morrin Centre, Quebec City's English-Language cultural centre, is announcing its Student Film Contest for March of 2015, made possible in part by the Department of Canadian Heritage. We’re asking Canadian high school and CEGEP/college students to submit a 3- to 10-minute documentary film or...
  20. G

    the flaw : documentary about war , natural

    film about before 911 , vietnam war , hishoshima atom mic bomb and democracy in thailand thankyou for watching

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