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Review of Stressed Out FIlm
Pros: Actress was good, I also liked the dark coloring, made it feel moodier
Cons: Music is huge to add to the mood, I think you can add more specific music to help with that. I also connected more with her de-stressing, but really didn't connect on why she was stressed, that part was too short or not specific enough. Like maybe the phone ringing, someone at the door, zoom call incoming? You know what I mean? Like waaay overwhelming
I've watched a few of your shorts here and I think you are creative and willing to play with ideas. I'm inspired by you to keep going, editing and such is no joke!
Keep it up
Pros: The actress was good. Editing skills are good.
Cons: Music played all time does not necessarily emphasis the character's mood. I would be better if there were some Foley Sound to help telling the story with sounds.
Title font could have been better.
I didn't get how stressed the actress was though. More scenes would help a bit.
I like the squirrel thing to make pass the time. Keep it up
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Reactions: Freddie Lee 3
Love it. I'd suggest more of a backstory to why the actress was stressed. Work on your characters developments. But overall its amazing.
Freddie Lee 3
Freddie Lee 3
Appreciate the feedback and thanks again!