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anton arenko

  1. In/Side


    CAST/CREW Daryl - Tom Sullivan Lisa - Zara Swayah Paul - David Metcalfe Barman - Vincent Stable Woman in Pink - Sophia Talbot Drinker - Anthony Hamer Pub Patron - Gemma Kershaw Barman 2 - Arthur Harlow Tv/Radio Voice -Anton Arenko Directed and Written by Anton Arenko DOP/Editor Andre Arenko &...
  2. Religion is a Drug

    Religion is a Drug

    My film teacher set a task for us to make short film noir in four days. This is what I came out with and I looked at experimenting with tracking. Massive thanks to everyone involved. Cast/Crew Dumiso Ndhlela as Leon Dave Taylor as The Vicar. Director - Anton Arenko Production Manager - Beth...