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award winner

  1. Thlípsi


    A man who is paranoid and deluded by his own conspiracies that someone out there is after him must come to terms with the root of his suffering. ------------- We shot this film back in February of 2018 and to our surprise, the film turned out to be more influential to us than I would have...
  2. "Vows" - Award-Winning Short Film

    "Vows" - Award-Winning Short Film



    All filmed on location in New Hampshire
  4. intervideo

    Gewinner Intervideo-Nachwuchspreis 2014 jetzt online

    Die Intervideo Filmproduktion (www.intervideo-filmproduktion) hat im September 2014 zum dritten Mal den Intervideo-Nachwuchspreis an in- und ausländische Filmregisseure vergeben. Unter dem Wettbewerbs-Motto „Morgen sehen wir weiter – Veränderungen“ hat sich der Nachwuchs in seinen Filmen...
  5. Amit Naik Films

    The Old Shoe (Short Film) by Amit Naik

    After being harassed by other shoes on the shoe rack an Old Shoe fights back by telling an interesting story and a big moral of life which he learns after seeing a fight back of his owner who is an Immigrant Indian Engineer trying to make a survival in USA. Watch Film : More ...
  6. M

    Team of Firsts Full Length student made documentary

    A full length documentary of a small school football program made entirely by students. Footage was from archives or shot on DSLR's, the film premiered at theaters in Ashland, OR the setting of the film. Was unable to get the rights to the music, so had to release on youtube... Feel free to...