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  1. Spawn of Darkness

    Spawn of Darkness

    In the mind there are two places: the light--riddled with confusion and greed--and the darkness--filled with man's dark desires. Between the two is a wall, a barrier between good and evil. The only thing capable of breaking this wall is the corrupter of all man... insanity. Starring: Aidan...
  2. Batman v. Bane: Family Reunion Trailer 2 (A fan made film)

    Batman v. Bane: Family Reunion Trailer 2 (A fan made film)

  3. Aidan Collett

    Visual Effects Artist Needed!

    Hello! My name is Aidan Collett and I am the founder of Tumdetme Productions. We are currently in pre-production for our latest film "Batman: Spawn of Darkness" and in planning for this project, I thought it wise to get a good team together so that everything can run smoothly. Being a Batman...
  4. Batman: Gotham Blood

    Batman: Gotham Blood

    Gotham City is in its Golden Age as a decade of bad blood ends with the death of Joker. The Wayne Foundation has been hard at work rehabilitating inmates at Arkham and restoring the city to its former glory. Bruce Wayne is optimistic, but Commissioner Gordon senses something strange in the...