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  1. Take Me Out

    Take Me Out

  2. The Punisher: Uprising - Episode 3 (Fan Series)

    The Punisher: Uprising - Episode 3 (Fan Series)

  3. Potty Break (2019)

    Potty Break (2019)

  4. Priceless


    This was my very first silent short film . I had no previous experience of using a camera or video editing. Recently finished a certificate course from Christchurch NZ and this was my final project.Concept, cinematography,direction,editing,costume done by me.
  5. Before We Blew Our Brains Out (Short Film/Music Video)

    Before We Blew Our Brains Out (Short Film/Music Video)

  6. Water


    I made this as part of a class assignment. I am proud of how it turned out!
  7. Aggie_M

    CALL FOR ENTIRES - Camerimage

    We are pleased to inform that CAMERIMAGE, the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography - the largest and most recognized international film event devoted to the art of motion picture photography, has launched the selection process for its upcoming 25thanniversary edition. All...
  8. Hannibal Scene Recreation - Season 1, Episode 1 "Aperitif"

    Hannibal Scene Recreation - Season 1, Episode 1 "Aperitif"

  9. B

    Alex Buono's "Cinematography Workshop"

    The Daytime Cinematography Workshop provides an on-set learning experience, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the process I use in my filmmaking. I'll show you how I deal with working in a fast turn-around environment like Saturday Night Live while still delivering my best work, so that...
  10. R

    Webseries shooting in September in LA looking for crew

    Hey there! I'm producing a webseries that I wrote my writing partner that's set to go into production this September. This is an unpaid gig to start off but if the series makes money you will be paid. It's a great opportunity for students looking to fill their resume and people looking to gain...
  11. Brian Binder

    Dead Zone - a post-apocalyptic short film, intense drama

    Hey fellow filmmakers, check out this cool intense short we just filmed!
  12. Marco Luca

    Worlds We Created - It’s easy to forget how scary & lonely childhood can sometimes be

    Worlds We Created by Nicholas Payne Santos brings together stunning storytelling and vivid cinematography to thoughtfully depict the fantasies and stark truths of childhood from the perspective of a 12-year-old boy and his two friends in 1969. Rich in atmosphere and light on dialogue, Worlds We...
  13. G

    Orange Juice - A short Film (feedback needed)

    My first attempt at a short film. Please critisize negatively!

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