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  1. Rean Combrinck

    Koko's Earth Control (1928) - Buttons Version

    A project for Film Production theory, we we're to use footage from one stock source and sound from another. I chose to leave the sound pretty much unaltered, and change the video to fit. You'll find the original videos on YouTube. Credits at the end.
  2. G

    Orange Juice - A short Film (feedback needed)

    My first attempt at a short film. Please critisize negatively!
  3. Y

    Short Film - The Trip (Experimental / Comedy)

    Here's a short film I made with my friends for the Chippendale Film Festival in Sydney. Feedback would be much appreciated. Cheers! www.chippoff.com
  4. Rean Combrinck

    Stroke me Senses

    Experimental edit made from 'picked out of a hat' random type iphone footage. Enjoy the weirdness! :)
  5. Papion

    LadyPayne - Directed By Papion (HD)

    LadyPayne - Directed By Papion (HD) Do you know the biggest difference between life and the sky ??? The Sky Doesn´t belong to Anyone, But life its Yours. So Never Stop Believing, You can reach beyond. Please select 1080p to see in HD.Thank you !!!
  6. T

    short experimental horror

    What do you think?
  7. E

    'MAPS Film School' short film

    Hey all, I recently graduated from my Diploma film course, and during the year I wrote and directed this piece. I'd like to hear everyone's opinions and feedback!
  8. Perry Finley

    Music Box

    Stop Motion, please give feedback

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