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  1. B

    Indie neo-folk band seeking filmmaker for music video

    My band is looking for a creative filmmaker to make a music video for a song on our upcoming release. The music is space-out neo-folk: eerie, contemplative songs featuring acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies, with themes of longing, isolation and crossing over. The video should fit with the...
  2. Jack & Jill

    Jack & Jill

  3. Mariietta Volynska

    Student Friendly Film Locations

    Check out Easy Locations www.locations.film we have the best student and independent rates in town!
  4. colfilmfest

    60 Hour Film Challenge 2017 (FREE Entry)

    The annual '60 Hour Film Challenge' begins from 1st – 4th of September 2017. Filmmakers from across the world are challenged to write, shoot and edit a film no longer than 5 minutes in length in just 60 hours. The challenge is free to enter and teams can register online...
  5. C

    Cinema City International Film Festival Call for entries - Up to 10,000 Bucks

    Call for low budget films Cinema City International Film Festival invites filmmakers from all across the globe to apply for the Up to 10,000 Bucks selection. This selection is one of the most appealing festival programs which presents films made with no budget or with a budget of less than USD...
  6. Anton Arenko

    Looking for a Composer to Score Short Thriller Film

    Hey guys Im looking for a composer to score my Short Thriller/Horror film One in the Same which is about a mans growing obsession with a local murderer and until begins to consume him. Its is still filming but it is currently being edited as we film with editing being fully completed at around...
  7. Anton Arenko

    Looking for a Composer for Short Student Film 'Bear with Me'

    Hi there, Im looking for a composer to score some intro music for our Comedy film 'Bear with Me'. This is light hearted comedy music and this would be great for someone who's trying to get composing experience. The film will be entered into lots of film festivals and you can use the footage for...
  8. Tobias On The Hill

    Seeking Student Filmmakers

    Seeking Student Filmmakers In Los Angeles interested in gaining experience, IMDb credit, and exposure/collaboration with celebrity guests. *Interested in 4 Filmmakers who are looking for experience/exposure in: Camera, Lighting, Sound, and Directing to rotate duties over the course of 3 total...
  9. D

    Dimitris Giotis-Student filmmaker

    Hello, i am a 1st year filmmaker student at Manchester Metropolitan University. This is my site,where you can find My films,photos etc and why not to send me a message! http://demetriusyotis.wix.com/mindcore
  10. A

    Hello From My Dream Internship!

    Yo so I just got an internship at Stage 32, and I think a lot of you guys can benefit from it. The site has almost 400,000 users and people post about jobs, talk about camera techniques and most importantly network! I feel like a huge part of this industry is about networking so check it out if...
  11. N.A.Praveen

    Quick Intro

    Hey there friends, my name is N.A.Praveen. I am a short filmmaker. I made 4 short films so far but I have not released any in any website because honestly, they sucked. I joined this website only so I can make some friends who could give me some valuable advice about some ways to improve my...
  12. Gregory Hines

    Writer. Director. Producer.

    Hey, I'm living in SoCal and currently in production of a sci-fi post apocalyptic short film. I am starting film school at the end of November (2014) and look forward to meeting and collaborating with many people from all walks of life. I will be filming my first feature next year and really...
  13. MiniMovieTheater

    MiniMovieTheater - Post and Watch Short Film for FREE

    FREE YOUR FILM! Upload and Share your Short Film on MiniMovieTheater Free to Join, Free to Upload, Free to Watch! www.MiniMovieTheater.com – Video streaming dedicated to Short Films and their Filmmakers Click Here, or follow this link...
  14. Will the LegenDAIRY

    Young Filmmaker in the UK (East Anglia)

    Hi, my name is Will Grantham, I like to make short films in my spare time and at college as projects. I want to make this into a career and to use this forum for hints, tips, to maybe even provide extra knowledge for others and to also raise awareness for my short films and friend's short films...
  15. ItalianFilmmaker

    Hi, I'm an Italian filmmaker

    Hello everyone, I am Eugenio and I'm a young filmmaker. I come from Rome where I'm finishing film studies and work as a filmmaker. I discovered this forum which I find very interesting and I decided to participate in this amazing community. Thanks to all and sorry for my little english. Bye:)!
  16. Ramiro Longo

    Screamfest 2013 » The ‘Sundance of Horror’ is Calling for Entries

    Known as the “Sundance of Horror”, Screamfest Horror Film Festival is the largest horror film festival in the United States. Screamfest premieres and showcases new work from American and international independent horror filmmakers. It is an internationally recognized event for science fiction...
  17. Ramiro Longo

    Zurich Film Festival 2013 » Film Submissions Now Open

    This event is the youngest Swiss film festival. It began in October 2005 and was firmly established upon the national and international festival landscape within a very short period of time. More Info & Submission Deadlines: http://www.ifilmfestapp.com/blog/zurich-film-festival-2013/
  18. INFF 2013

    Call for Entries: Innsbruck Nature Film Festival

    You are a filmmaker? Working in the subject field of nature / the environment? Then you should not miss out on this one: This year will see the premiere of an international film competition on the topic of environment and nature. In the fall of 2013, Innsbruck, the capital of the Tyrolean Alps...
  19. T

    South African Student filmmakers want International support

    Hey guys I am a 3rd year producer from South Africa and just thought this would be an awesome forum to get the word out about what where cooking up down here. We study at AFDA a film school located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban please support our films. Specifically mine called Robo, the...
  20. Film Strategy

    To all first time filmmakers and student filmmakers...

    Hi, My name is Danny Indio and I'm a producer-director-writer-editor-consultant and I wanted to announce the introduction of www.FilmStrategy.com, a blog site about filmmaking and video production for filmmakers, producers, students, movie fans, amateurs and pros. It will cover every phase of...